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4 Must-visit Places in Yercaud

Situated at an altitude of roughly 1500 meters ASL, Yercaud is located in what is called the Shevaroys hill-range on the Eastern Ghats. Like in the case of almost all hill-stations of the Indian sub-continent, Yercaud too came into being during the British era, thanks to the sahibs and Christian missionaries and their love for the cool climate of hills, Yercaud happened. This small hill station has a handful of places that are worth spending your time at. Talk about paying a visit to all of them at a relaxed pace and you probably would be needing an entire day. While Yerkaud’s climate remains pleasant almost all through the year, the best time to visit Yercaud is undoubtedly the start of the monsoons, when everything is lush and green and the waterfalls are roaring with water. However, if you want to pick only the best of the things to see in Yercaud, this post is for you.

Four Must visit Places In Yercaud

The Plains of Salem below, Yercaud lady's seat
The Plains of Salem below, Yercaud

Of the close to a dozen places which include temples, lakes, gardens, and parks to name a few, which you can visit and spend your time at, I list here what in my opinion are the top four must-visit places in Yercaud.

places to see in Yercaud
Tourist map of Yercaud

4. Emerald Lake – Yercaud

It is the first thing that catches your attention when you reach YercaudSurrounded by a garden full of colourful flowers on one side, a meandering road and one comparatively wider on the other two and a small deer-park on the fourth side, the Emerald lake is where every visitor makes his/her first stop. Paddle-boating here is unarguably the best thing to indulge in hereYou can also choose to take one with a boatman or a speedboat if you want to but I prefer the lazy pace of the paddle-boat while breathing the fresh air of the mountains.

boating at Yercaud Lake
Colorful boats in the lake, Yercaud Lake

3. Pagoda point- Yercaud

 Also known as the Pyramid point, the Pagoda point offers excellent views of the city of Salem below. The small Kakambadi village with its lone temple below too looks quite in contrast to the imposing cliffs that surround it as well as the viewpoint. The view of the rising and that of the setting sun from here are both quite breathtaking ones and standing atop a hanging rock while lost in the view ahead I can’t help but believe it. Sit here for some time, lose yourself in the views and I am sure you will be humbled enough by the time you get up to leave.

view from pagoda point yercaud
Salem city as seen from Pagoda Point, Yercaud

2. Lady’s seat – Yercaud

A breath-taking view of the serpentine highway connecting Yercaud with the city of Salem below is what you are blessed with when you reach this natural arrangement of rocks, also known as the Lady’s Seat. The grandeur of the view is further enhanced on a bright and sunny day when every inch of the green hills is clearly visible and so is the Mettur dam built on the Cauvery river at a distance. The view from the nearby Gent’s seat isn’t much different except for the fact that it sits a few feet higher than the Lady’s seat. The views are more or less the same. The Lady’s seat, however, is comparatively less crowded.

ghat roads of yercaud hills
The Ghat Roads and The Greenery, Yercaud
Heavenly skies, Lady's Seat, Yercaud
Heavenly skies, Lady’s Seat, Yercaud

1. Trek to Killiyur Falls – Yercaud

Not to mention that the sight of the Killiyur Falls is something to behold when thousands of litres of milky white water comes gushing down through huge rocks during the monsoons, the trek (it’s 250 steep steps!!) to the bottom of the falls too, is quite exciting. In fact, I found it to be the most exciting things to do in Yercaud. While during the monsoons you can go only as far, a dry Killiyur falls gives you the chance to slip, fall, get-up and make your way to the bottom, where all that you find in the summers is a tiny pond. And the view from here? It’s totally worth the tiring climb down.

dry Killiyur Falls, Yercaud
An all dry Killiyur Falls, Yercaud
The Steep walk to the Kiliyur Falls, Yercaud
The Steep walk to the Kiliyur Falls, Yercaud

So these were the four places I liked the most in Yercaud. Which ones are your favourites?

How to reach Yercaud?

Nearest Airport to Yercaud

Even though Yercaud has no airport, it is well-connected to its nearby cities like Tiruchirapalli (165 kms), Bangalore (222 kms) and Chennai (350 kms) which are connected to the rest of the country by air.

Nearest Railway Station to Yercaud

Salem, which is around 35 kms from Yercaud is the nearest rail-head.

By Road

Regular buses ply from Salem to Yercaud which is further connected to all the major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry and others by regular buses. You can also drive down the Bangalore-Hosur-Salem highway which is a fantastic one, if you wish to.

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14 thoughts on “4 Must-visit Places in Yercaud”

    1. Yercaud surprisingly was indeed charming. And very unlike Ooty, it was clean and ‘slow’. So much reminded me of Shillong. You should visit it once at least.

    1. Glad that you you liked it Alok. Make sure you visit during the monsoons or right after that and I assure you, you will be delighted by the surroundings.


  1. Well… You slightly refreshed my senses… I think I was very very happy in Yercaud, even visiting temples for it was full of greenery, fresh air, it was not a odinary temple…. the auto driving through that estate, I could smell plants… we never enjoyed our first day…. second day awesome… the views and stories… there are four towers in Yercaud city you can spot them, one bus station… the other 3 I forgot): there was a kaliyur point small trek so nice you know, climb on the tower and what views… I could not see the water falls as was very tired but was taken there… I was so happy walking till the stair point(:… the mountain trees jutting, I mean I got close up view of those mountain trees curved on the mountains… and heard the sound of the waterfalls(:… was so happy… I wish I could climb down and up there… now in this weather falls won’t be much I guess… really greeny beautiful place Yercaud… also if people are staying near the Emerald lake please find Sarvana Bhavan and eat there… awesome food there(: … you humble me with your words and imagery Rajiv…always, there is such a innocent charm in your writings of a wandering kid’s heart… it’s very refreashing…(: … what are you going to do as a green lover now, plant trees and try make place cooler… learning that once bangalore had so many lakes and a river that starts from Malleshwaram and goes 52 kms snoking through places now dirty when just 60 years back clean even to drink from it… makes me feel like we are deprived of living in a better City): sad…

  2. What a beautiful place… Above all I loved the picture of the dry Killiyur Falls… It seems to be a mighty waterfall during the monsoon. Waiting to visit this place.

    1. It indeed looked fantastic even in this dry season, I can just how green and lively it would look with hundreds of gallons of water down it during the monsoons.

      It makes for a wonderful weekend drive, I hope you visit it soon.


  3. The lush greens of the ghats! Recently yercaud seems to have picked up some attention in terms of tourism i guess because I have read quite a bit about it in recent past 🙂

  4. Nice blog.. Good job.. It is very important for traveller to know about the places where they want to visit. This type of informative blogs helps a lot at the time of travelling. Thank you so much for the information. And photographs is just amazing !! Keep it up.. and keep writing

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