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Six Places To Visit This December

It’s December again. A perfect time to plan the last holiday of the year. I have already been asked by more than a handful of friends and acquaintances to suggest them places to visit in December. Too bad I don’t have any more leaves left for this year which means I can’t take any long breaks myself, at least not until we step into the next year. So I try to find solace in helping others with their plans. Depending on whom I was suggesting, my suggestions ranged from warm beaches to extremely cold places. Of these suggestions, let me share few places which I feel should be visited this month.

Diu: Diu with its the pristine beaches, the sunshine, the seafood and its cheap booze, is a great place to just laze around and see the year drift away. In case you want to explore it, hire a two-wheeler and go check what lay beyond the beaches of Diu and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much this historic little place to offer. From Portuguese forts to rustic Churches to quaint and colourful neighbourhoods, Diu has a lot for everyone. The limit only being your urge to explore and get lost.

Scuba Diving in the Andamans - Havelock Island
Scuba Diving in the Andamans – Havelock Island

Andamans: If you want to spend some time in a world not visible until you actually enter it, head to the Andaman islands off the coast of mainland India and go scuba-diving. The Havelock islands which lies almost a couple of hours north by ship is home to one of the most spectacular dive-spots in the world. Apart from being home to pristine beaches like the Radhanagar beach the Elephant beach and a handful of other ones, Havelock (and the Andamans as a whole) is a seafood lover’s paradise.

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick

Rajasthan: The land of Kings, forts and lakes – Rajasthan is a very colourful and a great place to be in, towards the end of the year. While the summers here are blazing hot, the months of November through January are wonderful. It is during this time of the year it sees a lot of tourists. So if royal lifestyle and huge forts and palaces is what you fancy exploring, just go ahead to book a fantastic trip to Rajasthan that suits your style of travel and say goodbye to this year in style.

A Naga tribes-man at the Hornbill festival
A Naga tribes-man at the Hornbill festival – Source

Nagaland: About 12 kilometres from the capital of Nagaland lies the village of Kisama. Every year, all the tribes of the state gather here for what is popularly known as a festival of festivals, the Hornbill festival. The festival this year has just started so it is the perfect time to head there and experience (and maybe take part as well) in competitions the like of which you might have never heard before. Chili-eating and port-eating competitions to name a few. With dance, music and countless other activities happening around, it will be hard time keeping up with them.

ladakh in winters lake
Frozen Ladakh – Source

Ladakh: Ladakh in summers is not anymore the charming place it used to be five-six years back. Thankfully though, Ladakh in winters still remains a different matter altogether. If you are one of those who enjoy the extreme weather, only the extreme cold I mean 😉 (just like I do) there could be no better place to visit than a completely white and frozen Ladakh. With its Ice-hockey in Leh, frozen lakes and high passes all around and the fresh feel of the rarefied air, Ladakh to me is the ultimate experience. Ladakh fans would agree, I am sure.

The Vagator Beach - Goa
The Vagator Beach – Goa

Goa: If the year-end holiday means party, beaches and booze then there is no place better than Goa. With the electric sunburn festival happening during the last week of December, the party scene of Goa is all set to become even more electric. However, in case you plan to get away from the beaches for a change, the rustic charm of classic Goan life is always there to take you centuries back to the Portuguese era.

So where do you plan to head this December? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Nice Article! If you are planning to visit Rajasthan this December then this is the right idea. The weather of December is perfect for a visit to Rajasthan.

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