I should have talked about it here long back but, its better late than never :).

The Ladakh ride, that has been in the back of my mind for the past couple of years has taken the front seat since past few months.

As of now, almost everything is going as planned but there is always something or the other which will try to screw our mind. Something which is not at all important and hence deserves no attention.

I am going thro’ something similar now. After finalizing almost every thing about the trip, nothing hard-and-fast tho’ (you can never make a ‘PLAN‘ for Ladakh) :), the 1st thing, the dates for the trip are yet to be finalized.

For months, it has been August and then now as the time to book the tickets has come, I am still not sure about the dates. I did not plan this trip to be a solo one so, it is not only me, based upon whose comfort and convenience the dates has to be decided.

I don’t want to drive in the rains and the rains are going nowhere before August mid but then again, Aug mid, not a good time to be in Srinagar.

I just hope I can finalize at-least the dates, if not everything, as soon as possible.
Not much time is left before its too late and I have to make a call soon :-|.

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