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Fort Aguada and its Lighthouse

Overlooking the confluence of the Mandovi river and the Arabian sea, fort Aguada has been standing tall on the Bardez Peninsula for over four hundred years. From being a reference-point to ships sailing through this part of the Arabain sea to being one of the biggest aguadas (watering-place in Portuguese) in whole of Asia of the time where ships could replenish their drinking water stocks to being the most prized and crucial fort of the Portuguese to finally becoming a prison now known as the Aguada jail is still operational, fort Aguada has donned many hats over the centuries. It is one of the must-visit places in Goa so a trip there was but natural, what if it was towards the end of my solo trip to Goa.

sunset at fort aguada goa photos
Colors of Sunset, Aguada Fort – Goa

Winding through beautiful village roads canopied by tall coconut trees that helped make the ride a pleasant one, I reached Fort Aguada a few hours before the closing time. As I walked towards the gates I was surprised to find this huge fort’s entrance to be very narrow. ‘It for sure was not the main entrance of the fort’, I thought to myself as I followed a slow-moving queue through narrow corridors and a flight of stairs.

aguada fort lighthouse arabian sea goa
The Lighthouse and the Arabian sea, Aguada Fort – Goa

The place opened up as soon as I stepped on the other side of the claustrophobic corridors. Suddenly, it did not feel that crowded anymore. I could feel the cool sea breeze on my face as I lazily walked around trying to make sense of the size of the place. It was big. And the best part, it was very well-maintained. I had never seen a fort in such great condition.

The Lighthouse at Fort Aguada, Goa
The Lighthouse at Fort Aguada, Goa

Walking in certain parts of the fort — mainly near the lighthouse and the small house near it — made me feel as if the place had been inhabited and operational until recently and then suddenly, the inhabitants have suddenly vanished in air, leaving the place as it is.

The Lighthouse at Fort Aguada, Goa
The Lighthouse at Fort Aguada, Goa

Walking around, I soon found myself on the fort’s western wall, looking at the blue Arabian sea below. Colorful speedboats took made sudden sharp turns on the waves, much to the excitement of the tourists taking the ride. The rays of the sun on the water looked like thousands of sparkling start while the color of the sky slowly started to turn soft red, I sat there trying to soak in everything. Lost in the vastness which lay in front of me, watching the golden rays of the sun paint the blue sky in a thousand hues.

sunset photos fort aguada goa
Preparing for the Sunset, Fort Aguada – Goa

Just a couple of days back when I witnessed the sunset from Chapora fort, I had thought I had witnessed the best sunset I had ever seen but then I found myself witnessing this at Aguada. As the selfie frenzy gained momentum whilst the Sun slowly moved towards the western horizon, I sat there complete in awe of what was unfolding in front of my eyes.

sunset from fort aguada goa
The Golden sunset, Fort Aguada – Goa
A Glorius sunset, Fort Aguad -
A Glorious sunset, Fort Aguada – Goa

As I walked out of the fort compound, my hair ruffled by the breeze that has since become stronger, I couldn’t help but imagine this place at its prime. Ships from faraway destinations docking-in, some marking the end of their voyage while others making quick stopovers to stock-up their supply of drinking water before they resumed their journeys to their respective destinations.

The Lighthouse from outside the walls of the fort, Agauda - Goa
The Lighthouse from outside the walls of the fort, Agauda – Goa

How t reach fort Aguada?

Fort Aguada is located at Sinquerim, on the Aguada-Siolim Road. A narrow 4-kilometer long road from the Sinquerim beach leads there.

Fort Aguada Timing.

The fort can be visited Monday through Sunday between 9.30 AM and 6 PM.

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