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In Pictures: The first solo to Goa

I just got back from my first solo trip about which I had talked here sometime back. Unlike my other travel trips and escapades the plan this time was just to read, relax and maybe write a bit. And that is exactly what I did. This time, I was happy to be busy savoring some lip-smacking sea food, witnessing colorful sunsets at beaches where there was hardly anyone else other than me, and just lazing around on the couch for as long as I wanted to.

Vagator beach from Chapora fort - Goa
Vagator beach from Chapora fort – Goa

There was one more thing, actually two, that tried experiencing for the first time apart from being travelling alone. I stayed in backpacker’s hostels this time around (I will write about that soon) instead of putting-up in hotels or home-stays. And I tried complete the trip in a budget.

beer in goa
This is what I did for these four days – Goa

Because I hardly visited any of the spots in Goa in this trip, I think I could have saved a few hundred bucks more had I not rented the scooter for the four days I was there. I hardly used it anyway except for the time when I rode to the hostel and while returning from it.

A jetty coming-in towards Old Goa - Goa
A jetty coming-in towards Old Goa – Goa

Overall, the first solo was a nice experience with its own share of highs and lows and I am excited to share the experiences here soon as soon as I am done with the photos. Yeah! As always! I know! 🙁 

The rocky vagator beach - Goa
The rocky beach – Goa

For now, I leave you guys with some of the images shot using the mobile. Please excuse the terrible quality of the photos.

sunset chapora fort beach goa
A beautiful sunset – Goa

Have you always wanted to go on your first solo trip? Or have you always been on one? How was your first experience? Leave me a word in the comment section below, I would love to hear.

22 thoughts on “In Pictures: The first solo to Goa”

    1. I love old places so yes I did enjoy that. Anything beyond that, I hardly went out this time around so as of now I am not in a perfect position to say if I loved everything about it.

      But if you take the humidity off, I enjoyed my stay there 🙂

  1. I will tell you what happened. I gave a very long comment full of well views and thoughts on solo travelling etc and your relaxing and being tranquil etc… then submitted… it did not go, it came as…your IT so you may know… the url some attempt1? came… I refreashed my comments did not go. Anyway… it’s ok… won’t comment if I can’t. Was there for a long time…thought you blocked me or something anyway.

    1. Haha..! Why would I block you.

      But the software has a certain limit about how long a comment can be, beyond that is automatically not accepted.

      You are always welcome to post moderately-sized comments!

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