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Ever since I moved to my current place almost a year back I have struggled to get hold of a proper internet service provider in the area who provides a reliable and high-speed connection and at a price that won’t make a big hole in my pocket every month. The list of my options became even smaller with the fact that I wanted a wireless solution which would let connect my three-four devices that I use simultaneously, to the internet and without any of those wires hanging around in the house.

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None of the options which I tried over the last few months offered me all that I wanted. There were options which were, in terms of features, providing everything I was looking for but then were going to be heavy on the pocket. On the other hand, there were options that were reliable and very much in my budget but sadly, came with those messy wires which I really wanted not to have this time around. And there were providers who almost if not fully, provided what I was looking for but were very lazy and un-professional that I decided to keep a safe distance from such brands right after my first interaction with them.

To give you an idea I would just tell you that it took them more than a week and some ten phone calls to come to my place for a demo and leave the rest up to you to make your conclusions. I for one, could not even think how the service of a company would be after I have taken their connection which is so lazy at even selling its product!

I also had been hearing about the new 4G connections by Airtel but had actually ignored it thinking 4G would be way to costly for a data-heavy pack, one which I was looking for but when I ran through their page dedicated to it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were offering their services at the price of their 3G connection!! I am looking forward to having a demo of it this weekend, I hope the speed is as promised and I can finally end my search.

Are you satisfied with your internet service provider or are you looking forward to upgrading? 

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