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Photo story – Shedd Aquarium

After the architectural boat tour on last weekend, I had planned to visit the downtown area once again this weekend. The plan this time was to visit the John G. Shedd Aquarium and then, roam around the downtown area for sometime before heading back. To be very honest, I did not think I will enjoy visiting an ‘aquarium’, it sounded quite boring to me but thought of giving it a try anyway.

shedd aquarium chicago
Entrance of the aquarim

If I don’t like it, I would leave it early and would explore the downtown area bit more. With this in mind, I caught the 8.30 AM Metra and in about an hour, I was at the Union Station. Headed straight to the Shedd aquarium thinking it being a weekend, the que for the tickets might be long. The que was long but not as long as I had expected, luckily!

sea-horse shedd aquarium
A sea-horse

I did not visit the underground level of the aquarium this time around but was more than happy to explore the other parts of it.

shedd aquarium orange fish
A Bubblehead??

The Shedd aquarium was once the largest indoor aquarium in the world and houses over 32500 fishes!!

A green anaconda shedd aquarium
A green anaconda

There were a lot of different colored fishes and other aquatic animals. Not to forget the green and black anaconda.

Piranha shedd aquarium
The scary Piranha??

Okay, one confession before I share any more images. When it comes to recognizing the names of fishes or for that matter, any other species, I totally suck. So take the names of the fishes I caption here, with your own generous amount of salt.

water-lizard shedd aquarium
A water-lizard?

It was very exciting to see fishes of so many colors.

fish shedd aquarium
Loved the patterns on this guy

Some big and some small.

Tiny bright-colored fishes
Tiny bright-colored fishes

Some scary.

scary fish shedd aquarium
This was scary

Some very beautiful.

Lovely colorful fishes
Lovely colorful fishes

Some very colorful.

bright-colored fish
Another bright-colored fish

Some tiny.

pink sponge
Pink beauty

Some very different and unique.

sea-horse shedd aquarium
Another sea-horse

Some very playful.


Some very unique.

Stingray shedd aquarium
A Stingray

And some adorable.

white Beluga whale shedd aquarium
The white Beluga whale

Have you been to the Shedd aquarium? Or any other one and have loved it? I would love to hear about your experience.

5 thoughts on “Photo story – Shedd Aquarium”

    1. Glad that you liked the photos Somali 🙂
      It was an experince to see them in person, photos hardly do any justice to the actual feel & beauty.

      The sea-horses were something I had never seen before so it was really exciting to watch them in action but it was really tough to shoot them because they were very very fast in the water!

    1. Thanks Maniparna!
      It was even scarier in real life and there were a lot of them, much more than you see here!

      The sea horses were indeed my favorites of all but were very quick, making it hard to watch & shoot them closely!

  1. I thought I would share this video, I think it is awesome anyway… http : // kokatat[dot]com/blog/2015/09/waterfall-of-thieves … so cool creatures these two are!! … jumping waterfalls and into the ice glacier forest like that!!

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