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Solo – A first for me

Except for our Honey Moon trip to Andamans last year there had hardly been any trip of our’s (or mine) which had been fully ‘planned’. Actually, even the Andaman trip had a lot of things left un-planned. To tell you the truth, I have always enjoyed the certain level of uncertainty that comes when few things in a trip are left un-planned. I have hardly traveled anywhere alone and this is what I have been trying do since quite some time now. Also, I have been thinking of doing a trip which would be totally un-planned. Over the time, this wish of mine has grown stronger and stronger until yesterday when I finally booked tickets for my first solo back-packing trip and with no plan whatsoever.

Train through the country side Bangalore to Goa
Train through the country-side, Bangalore to Goa

With four days and five nights, the plan was to go somewhere nearby to  explore the place and let loose the amateur photographer inside me. Sri Lanka seemed to be the perfect choice. It was exactly the type of place I was looking for and where would love to spend time on my own with the pristine beaches, historical architecture and the people & their culture. After a couple of days of trying to figure the in-country conveyance however made me realize that 4 days is not going to be enough for Sri Lanka. More so when I am planning to take the public transport.

Living out of it

Finally with the meager four days that I have with me, I finally have decided on Goa. The plan for the trip is that there is no plan. Of-course apart from the fact that I am taking a train and not a flight like most of the times (the country side the train passes through on its way to Goa is very green and beautiful), staying in one of the backpackers’ hostels there, would try to spend time exploring less crowded but interesting places and meet people from different parts of the world.

The green country-side, Bangalore to Goa Train
The green country-side, Bangalore to Goa Train

That’s it! Let’s see how it turns out to be!

Have you been to a solo back-packing trip? How has the experience been? Would like to suggest me something which I should definitely try?

16 thoughts on “Solo – A first for me”

  1. Rajiv, you seem to be very excited about traveling solo. And I think you will really enjoy it.
    I can relate. I have also never traveled solo so far. Either with friends or with wife so far.
    But soon I am also going to break the jinx 😉

    1. You bet Ankur bhai, I am. It would have been even better had the number of days I had would have been more but never mind.
      And yes, what’s holding you back. Break the jinx and jump in. Good luck!

  2. hmmm… have fun… let me know how this solo stuff was(: … I thought you went to those biking trips solo… Goa is a great choice for sure(: ….

      1. hmmm…chalo then good for you… I was thinking how you can leave wife now on Ganesha time… good your going someother time… (:… you should go solo too I guess once in a life time(:… goodday

        1. On the contrary, I am someone who makes full use of leaves be it because of some religious stuff or something else, so had Friday too been a holiday, I would have definitely gone somewhere.

          1. lots of hols upcoming anyhow… but some festivities I thought better to be with family(:… perhapes its a Indian mindset… but ofcourse Ganesh Chaturty is not as a family festival like Dipawali … but atleast in such festive occasions I think better to forget travel for a while and be with the family… anyway…

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