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A fun weekend with friends and the Hexa

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The memories of the last such drive in Goa, where I had driven the TATA Tiago (then known as Zica) through the beautiful roads of South Goa, brought a smile on my face as I boarded my flight to Hyderabad. I along with a bunch of other top bloggers of the country was invited by TATA Motors get a first-hand experience of TATA Motors’ upcoming SUV, the Tata Hexa. Last time we had had a lot of fun in Goa so quite naturally this time too, I was looking forward to a great weekend in Hyderabad. I am sure the other bloggers too had similar expectations.

tata hexa with camping gear fully loaded
The fully loaded Tata Hexa

In the lush green lawn of the hotel and under a clear blue sky stood the Hexa, all loaded with adventure accessories. Of the many words that came to my mind as soon as I saw it from a distance, I would choose adventurously exciting (is that even a word!!) to describe what I saw. It looked a tad familiar and very new at the same time.

Loaded for fun - Tata Hexa photos
Loaded for fun – Tata Hexa

TATA Hexa Pre-Launch

Just like last time, the evening was planned to be a fun one and believe me when I say we had every bit of it. Of course after a very informative set of sessions by some of the top names in the product development team of Tata Motors who had been instrumental in bringing to life the Eagle, what finally came to be known as the Tata Hexa.

tata hexa facts and specifications
Discussing the Hexa

The drive next morning was the highlight of the weekend but for me, that was not it. The meets organized by Indi are a lot more than that, always. So quite naturally, this evening too was no different. It was wonderful to again meet-up with my last drive’s team partner and good friend Maitreni (see, I told you 😉 ) and we had a wonderful evening (Ragini, you were missed) just like last time, if not better.

tata hexa event
Some old friends, some new and a wonderful evening – Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad

Needless to say, our bakar session would have never ended had we not accidentally to glanced at the watch ;). Again, just like last time.

Enjoying the evening, Novotel - Hyderabad indiblogger
Enjoying the evening, Novotel – Hyderabad

TATA Hexa Review

“Tomorrow we drive the all-new TATA HEXA!”, I thought as I tossed and turned on the bed trying to sleep!

Was I excited!! And yeah, in other news, we had hatched a plan well in advance about who joins the team that matters. Want to know more?

Wait for my end user’s review of the TATA Hexa which will be up very soon can be found here.

Excited to know about the drive?

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  1. It was indeed a memorable time spent with an amazing blogger and a great friend like you Rajiv just like the Goa time! And really enjoyed the drive with you just like last time. Thanks for the special mention, means a lot. And I did miss Ragini too. Stay connected always. Cheers! 🙂

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