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Understanding the Ins and Outs of Airport Parking

After I researched and later-on wrote about long-term bike parking at the Bangalore airport, I realized the problem is not limited to only whether it is possible or not. It goes beyond that. Thankfully in Bangalore, we have fixed and pretty much sensible rates for parking at the airport but that is not the case elsewhere.

No matter how a person looks at it, whether flying alone, with friends or family, traveling sure provides more than enough fuel to feed everyone’s inner wanderlust. However, behind this highly beneficial experience rests inevitable – and often unnoticed – worries that tend to make or break the whole trip.

The Parking Scene in airports
The Parking Scene in airports

It’s fairly easy to overlook the hassles of airport parking, besides, most travelers are just as excited at how simple it is nowadays to book a flight and visit their dream destination. Thankfully, a practical human mind combined with modern technology has its own way of highlighting these minor bumps and alleviating these problems.

A recent study in the United Kingdom states that booking airport parking in advance can reduce the cost to about half of its original drive-up price. This means that an un-arranged, long-stay at Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal that sets travelers back Rs. 13,500 (£125), goes significantly down to Rs.7,500 (£75) if it’s pre-booked. In short, going online and coming in prepared is always a wanderer’s best bet.

Another important facet is knowing the type of car parking a traveler needs. These categories include the simple on-airport and off-airport parking, as well as premium services such as meet-and-greet and airport hotel with parking. On paper, the first two are probably amongst the more popular choices as they offer straightforward approaches without breaking the bank. On the other hand, the meet-and-greet option is ideal for travelers who require extra assistance with heavy or cumbersome luggage, while airport hotel with parking is designed for people who follow a hectic travel itinerary.

By following these essential pointers, a person will have the peace of mind knowing that they’ve used all the necessary resources in terms of making sure that every aspect of the trip is ironed out. As trivial as airport parking is to some, it still adds to the overall convenience of traveling in the modern era.

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    1. So how much were you able to save actually? A big difference from what you would have paid otherwise?
      Thankfully, there’s no surge/dynamic pricing here as far as I know!!

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