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Weekend drive to Hogenakkal falls

I have been to the Hogenakkal falls at-lest more than once and I kind of love and hate the place.

Love because the falls are beautiful and gorgeous and hate because all the people getting the oil massage in the waters of the Cauvery river before it actually becomes a ‘fall’, make the water so dirty that I don’t feel like getting into the water for a bath.

Hogenakkal falls
The gorgeous falls

Bangalore to the Hogenekkal waterfalls

On a lazy weekend with nowhere to go, I again planned to make a quick dash to the falls but this time around, it was just a quick drive from Bangalore and hence, did not click many photos but enjoyed the place nonetheless.

The roads from Bangalore to Hogenakkal are mostly green and well maintained, not to forget the beautiful villages that you cross every ten – twenty kilometers or so, making the drive even more beautiful.

On the way to Hohenakkal
On the way to Hogenakkal

One good thing about Hogenakkal and one of the best from my point of view is, the food you get there. Food as in not the proper food but the freshly caught and fried fish! I just love the freshly caught and fried fish there.

Bangalore to the Hogenekkal waterfalls
Hogenakkal Falls

For a relaxed experience at the Hogenekkal falls, hire one of the boats that you get below the hanging bridge (bargain hard) and head to the other side of the river, downstream. Pick a spot which does not seem to get a lot of sunlight (it gets too hot here anyways, all round the year) and enjoy your lunch (which you have to carry before you get on to that boat and head downstream) with freshly fried fish!

Where were you last weekend-drive/ride? I would love to hear from you, leave me to comment below.

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14 thoughts on “Weekend drive to Hogenakkal falls”

  1. Hahaha about the oil massages. I don’t understand this thing people have about waterfalls, about immediately stripping and taking an shower like the ‘liril girl’. Why can’t humans leave niceness alone?

    1. Hahaha!! Rightly said Param :-).
      This also makes me and I am sure many others a bit uncomfortable (I don’t know if that’s the right word here).
      Also, takes away the essence of the beautiful place it is.

  2. hmmm…can you take lunch without it getting wet if it is forceful water(:… I have never had much of an experience with waterfalls(:…. I did bit of traveling here and there past year and so far liked beaches, mountains, I won’t know about the falls… will be heading to Jog falls soon so will know, perhapes by this week(:… about baths for the guys on the river… let me tell you from a ladies point of view…last month we went to Pondicherry me and my Mom and went to that Auroville beach…somehow that beach is weird no proper entrance, the auto guy dropped us and we through some shrub pathway and I saw a barebody figure but I reframed from looking there, I never thought that is complete bare my Mom of all of poor people got to see complete bare body and she hated the sight…those guys were so shameless, it is a shame… we ladies are scared of group of guys dancing with less clothes anyway, just how to put it…uncomfortable…ladies don’t so that too… anyway… it is still a man’s world, we are glad there are good forks out there though(:

    1. Well, you can take your lunch without getting wet. Just settle down a bit off the river and towards some area with some relief from the scorching sun and you should be all set!

      You are right when you talk about those people who have the least concern for the comfort of others around. They don’t deserve to spend their time at such places but as we cannot do much about it, I prefer to stay away from such places.

  3. Yeah, when I read about Jog falls somewhere, a piece of advice given was avoid going on Weekends, lots of unwanted elements it seems(: I can imagine everything… I think rules and regulations would change everything, does not take much(: good day…

    1. If only change in rules and regulations could do the trick!

      What is actually required is, the mentality needs to change. Nothing else needed!

  4. Well… in pondicherry…Paradise or Chenamar beach is nice, lifegaurd regulates activities though people play in beach it is not bad a tall… another thing public debate love birds as well…we are Indian, but in many public places they are intimate… so families not happy with it… I think they should make rules for decent behavior because we are on public plus cleaniness… most forks will abide by… but no rules, equal do can to anything mindset… anyway…goodday…

    1. You know, its actually all about caring for the feelings of the people around you. If you care about that, you will never do something which even though is not wrong, might make others uncomfortable.

      And yes, having rules absolutely help!

  5. Wonderful post. Really a good and complete full of information. Very interesting and helpful itinerary for the first time visitors! Such a wonderful place!!! I can’t articulate it. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love places with amazing beauty. I will be sure to visit this location.

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