Five things I would Love to do if I were ‘Befikar Umar Bhar’


We all have our own set of dreams and wishes which we want to fulfill in our life, who doesn’t?
But then, as we move ahead in life, all the dreams are over-shadowed by the ‘realities of life’.

The wanted and un-wanted responsibilities take preference over our ‘dreams’ and as time passes by, most of us forget about ‘living our dreams‘ and just go on, the way life takes them, wherever it takes them.

I have seen this happen to so many people that, at times it made me scared but then on the brighter side, I have been fortunate enough to have know many people who are ‘living their dreams’ to the fullest.

The video below conveys the same message!


I have taken inspiration from them and now I have a bunch of things in my bucket-list which has a total of 35 things I would want to do before I die.… continue reading