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Five things I would Love to do if I were ‘Befikar Umar Bhar’


We all have our own set of dreams and wishes which we want to fulfill in our life, who doesn’t?
But then, as we move ahead in life, all the dreams are over-shadowed by the ‘realities of life’.

The wanted and un-wanted responsibilities take preference over our ‘dreams’ and as time passes by, most of us forget about ‘living our dreams‘ and just go on, the way life takes them, wherever it takes them.

I have seen this happen to so many people that, at times it made me scared but then on the brighter side, I have been fortunate enough to have know many people who are ‘living their dreams’ to the fullest.

The video below conveys the same message!

Courtesy: http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar

I have taken inspiration from them and now I have a bunch of things in my bucket-list which has a total of 35 things I would want to do before I die.

No doubt it will take time to ‘do’ each one of them, one-by-one but, IF I had a life where I didn’t have to worry about anything, about any of responsibilities in life, in other words, Befikar Umar Bhar, the following 5 things would be on top of my ‘list’ that I would love to do.

1. Ride: I will not be lying if I say that I am the happiest when I am on the saddle of a motorcycle. There is no other joy that can even come close what I feel when I am riding. Riding have put me in touch with so many wonderful people from all over, have given me wonderful friends who are now one of the closest!
In short, it has been one of the best things that has happened to me and I would love to keep doing, for as long as I can.

2. Travel all over: Just like motorcycling, traveling in general have been one of the most enriching things to have happened in my life. Travelling has taught me many things about life which I would never have even known about otherwise. It has showed me different aspects of life, taught me how tough yet how beautiful life can be, it has showed me how things which some of us take for granted, is more than a privilege to some. It has taught me to be humble. To me, nothing is more enriching and satisfying as travelling and I would love to travel to as many places as possible along with my lovely wife.

3. Read: To put it in short, I LOVE reading. Even though I started bit late and am not a very fast reader I really enjoy it. Be it about Chetan Bhagat’s marriage and the drama of 2 States or the story about what happened to the ill-fated climbers on Mt. Everest in 1996. Reading has always showed me life from a different perspective and I am sure that as the days go by, my love for reading will only increase.

4. Trek to Everest Base Camp: The mighty Mt. Everest has attracted thousands of mountain lovers from all over the world and being a mountain lover myself, I am not unaffected from that pull! I don’t plan to try to climb the top of the world but I very much want to have a good look at it, up close and personal. And to do that, which place can be better than the Everest Base Camp!

5. Learn Photography: I picked up the camera pretty late but it did not take much longer for me to fall in love with it. My rides and traveling gave me great opportunities to learn more about photography and the hunger has only increased since then. In the coming days & months & years, I want to learn more about photography and capture all the places I visit.

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2 thoughts on “Five things I would Love to do if I were ‘Befikar Umar Bhar’”

    1. Thank a lot mamu. I am sure, with your good wishes, I will surely be able to do all I want to and I also know that you will be one of the most happiest person. Thanks for always being there for me mamu!

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