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Its been a while since international ride-sharing company Uber started its ‘Uber-X’ service with a fleet of AC sedans, in Bangalore. I have taken quiet a few rides in Uber-X in the last few months and based on my experience so far, I can confidently say that it is definitely one of the better services available here.

First up, I find the booking a cab thing to be pretty straight forward. There’s no need to wait in ‘que’ once you have called the customer-care to book a cab or log-in to their website. All you need to do is keep at-least Rs.200/- in your PayTm account (for Indian customers only) and hit the ‘Request Cab’ button in their mobile app, once you have selected your pick-up location on the map which you see once the app is launched (your current location is selected as the pick-up location by default).

uber cabs at Hyderabad airport
Uber Cabs lined up – Source

In no time, the nearest available cab gets assigned to you and you get the driver’s name and number in the app, which also allows you to directly call or message the driver from within the app itself. From there-on, you can track your cab live on the map as it comes to pick you up.

Whenever I have booked an Uber-X, there has not even a single instance where the cars were not anything less than spotlessly clean, very much unlike other cab services available in Bangalore. Add to that, in all the 9-10 trips I have taken, every time the drivers have been polite and courteous, another ‘not so common’ thing!

The thing I like the most about taking a Uber is that, there’s no need to pay anything once you reach your destination. Once you are done with the trip and the driver ‘ends’ the trip, the fare gets deducted directly from your PayTm account (which you need to create/link while registering at Uber) and you get a detailed receipt with a map of the route travel and a detailed fare-breakup mailed to your email. You can also see all your trip detail(s) by logging in Uber’s website whenever you want.

Another thing I like about Uber is that, there’s always (well almost always) one or the other ‘offer’ going on which ultimately, brings down the final fare you pay for the ride! Uber also has a referral program where you & whoever registers with your referral code, both earn Rs. 300/-. If you want to try out Uber and want to avail a free initial credit of Rs.300/-, you can use my referral code RAJIVV11 while registering.

If there is one thing I would like to see added in the facilities Uber provides, it is an option of advance booking. There are times, specially late in the night and early in the morning, when the cab availability is not so good. For trips at such odd hours, it’s always better to have your cab booked in advance.

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  1. You know if it were not for that Delhi Uber cab rape incident I would have approved this Uber… those bloody guys used to charge so much and they did not even have GPS tracking system or driver verification… in contrast they reformed themselves copying OLA… Ola still seems good enough for me, with the app I have arranged for cabs and some cab usually is there nearly by and there is Ola auto too…only that now recently using smart phone only so missed on with Ola… I have heard so many stories in paper… college students working as Ola drivers to pay college fees… and a lady driver came to receive someone in Uber… nice… good that uber changed and they have GPS tracking but they did not have it last year, it was only after that Delhi incident they changed!!… they used to overcharge as well, as it was luxury car travel… but I trust Ola for now, they are reasonable, trustworthy…Uber is fighting Ola and trying to get back…but its brand already got black mark… Uber cab drivers in other countries too have done crimes…anyway… actually I was elated few minutes back because my Mom got me a cool 40 litres backpack at reasonable price… generally that sort of bag cost 2900 Rs plus but for Rs 1200, I was so so happy… it just what I wanted for so long… and finally without expecting it got the back pack… I don’t know about trekking but I am sure it would come in handy for me on whatever travels I would do or might do(:… anyway

  2. yes… ofcourse… a strong pair of shoes would top it for a trek expedition for sure… bag is very cool and motivating… nice orange and black bright colour, can’t ask for more(:

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