Day 7: Leh to Khardung-la and back (~80kms)

We finally reached Leh yesterday after it was almost dark and as suggested by Narender bhaiya, headed straight to Changspa and settled in a guest-house.

Today was a day of no hurry and hence, we woke-up bit late, at about 8 in the morning. It was a wonderful, bright morning but cold nonetheless!! Breathing in that freshhh air was something I have hardly experienced. We had the whole day to ourselves today, just Khardung-la to be visited and nothing else! In an hour or so, we headed out to get some good breakfast and then head to the DC office for permits.

The breakfast I had, came as a wonderful surprise to be as I had never actually expected all that I found there. I am one who prefers burgers and fries over paratha, anyday so finding so much of western food in Leh was the best that could have happened to me, in terms of food :).… continue reading

A step closer to heaven!!

Even though the MX-3, the DSLR and the Nero , all were purchased as part of the bigger plan [read bike ride to Ladakh], nothing ONLY FOR IT was done until yesterday. Almost 3 years since I started dreaming about the moment when I will embark on the journey to live my dream and here I was, taking the first step towards living it.

khardungla pass

Living a dream

After a very anxious 30 days or so of trying to finalize the dates, I finally managed to do it and then, before anything else can again try to screw that up, I BOOKED the tickets for the journey.

Wanted to reach directly to anywhere close to Amritsar but was left with no other option than Delhi because of non-availability of direct trains from here, so, here I was, with a seat booked on my name on the Bangalore-Delhi Rajdhani Express.… continue reading