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A New Life

In continuation to my last post The wonderful sight of hope, let me tell you one more old story about me..!

During the school days and during senior secondary post that, like most of my friends, I was pretty directionless about what I wanted to do or become in life (not that I am sure about that now anyway)!!

I was studying just for the sake of studying. Because everyone else around me was studying. I was just being a part of the herd. Doing whatever others around me did, well… not everything but yes, almost everything.

With no proper aim about my future and not having decided what I wanted to do, unlike many of my friends who by then, had figured out what they wanted to do in life and had left for good / BIG colleges elsewhere in the country, I decided to stay back in my hometown.

I saw my life was going nowhere but I was least bothered about it anyway. I was happy continuing the same lazy life. At times, I thought that it was high time I actually do something about my life until it’s too late but every time,  the gap between thinking and actually doing something seemed to be too big to me and I always was more comfortable in letting everything remain as they were, until… SHE came in my life!

……let’s leave all the details about how she came into my life for some other time……..

Ruchi, now my wife gave me that kick of motivation I needed in my life 🙂 .

And suddenly, I was all very serious (well, comparatively at least) about life, career, studies and all such things from whom, I had always maintained a fair enough distance.

By the time I was about to finish my college, I had decided that I will be moving out once I am done with it. Whether I will join further studies or I will look for a job was one thing that remained to be decided but the moving out was.

Finally I broke the news at home! It was a decision that made my parents & sister bit sad, which was natural, not only because no one wants their loved one to move away but also because they were almost certain that I would not be able to be on my own, far away from home.

Given the fact that I had lived all my life until then totally dependent on them, almost for everything, it was nothing unusual if they thought I would not be able to live on my own.

But as they say, ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’ !

I started persuading my parents and quiet a few discussions and arguments later, they finally agreed. Actually, the did not simply agree. It was a deal instead B-) . The deal was, I can go out only if I agree to be back in 2 years!!

Its my 6th years away from home so no, I did not return after 2 years!

Fast forward to this day!

All of it, the arguments & the persuasions seems to have worked out well for me and also my family in general. They are as happy as I am, if not more.

Married. Good going on the professional front. Great in terms of things I am passionate about and exploring new ventures as well… !

Be it in my personal life or professional life, I find myself in a better position in my life from where I would have been had Ruchi not come to my life and inspired me to take bold steps in the right direction.

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14 thoughts on “A New Life”

  1. hmmm… I thought you really drowned in water and got saved so you learned swimming… well… It was a good thing you moved out to get independent and good you found your Ruchi(: … family is nice, fun I mean with parents but point is they are always protective and you really don’t be You, and it is not their mistake they have their veiws and we have ours and I don’t think all parents can come to terms to that… also no one agrees but if your away from them does not mean you won’t keep in touch with them or spend time with them atall…because a bird should be left to fly and it will come back if it loves you(: …also good you took life seriously and come up and are cool and well off and well you don’t need it but good luck… I am thinking of learning swimming… I just like to say one think when we were young studies and all that meant whole life but as you grow up things change, there will be a point where you want to do something meaningful and personal(: … in relationship, career as it occupies the time you spend doing something… I guess you can tell your kids the wisdom when you get them…goodday

    1. Thanks again Maria, gald that you actually read these rants of mine as well!

      I very well know that parents will always be protective and that is how the Indian society is but what I have seen is that, with time they become more confident about what we decide to do so its a good thing.

      Coming out of home to be on my own had never made me away from them. I call home all the time… 3-4-5 times a day and visit home often.

      Actually, with time my urge to go back has become more and more and if I be absolutely honest here, I am already working on things which would help me to go back, soon.

      Fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. That is positive… you know when I went to jog falls stayed at homestay stay@matunga… in the evening I saw a family husband who looked very chilled and wife, two daughter and I think mom in law and dad in law… I was surprised how all got along together… all of them friendly, happy, playful, good vibe. So if families get along well, it is a great idea to come back, it will be cheerful for them too… perhapes you can go with all family for a trip perhaps to Jog falls in car or something like that family(:… the mom in law or aunty for me explained that there they will visit Murudeshwar from that home stay, then go to Dharmashala… I think some Raganatha temple in Hasson while coming back… you will have a greater time than staying with them I guess when you make a trip along with them(:… anyway suggestion after seeing a nice family…

    1. Yes Maria, you are right. If everybody gets along fine, it becomes all very lovely 🙂 .

      I am planning a family trip soon. I just wish I could take my mom too, who left us couple of months back, with us, the full family together but that never happened 🙁 .

  3. she was there for your marriage na… anyway good day… don’t forget to update the bandipur forest, I am wanting to know about it… no tigers spoted I reckon

    1. Yes, she was there for the marriage 🙂

      I will post the Bandipur log soon and yes, no tigers tho’ 🙁

      **Also, expect details from Doodhsagar too, soon. Heading there soon 😉

  4. Yeah waterfalls and railway line exploration… I got details from some trek group about Dodhsagar… nice…heard the trek on the railway line is hard and challenging atleast for beginners… enjoy I can see your enthusiasm already

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