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Choose and book the right hotel in Bangalore

In my last 5-6 years of living in Bangalore, the garden city of India, I have seen it grow at a very fast pace. People from all over the country as well as from outside come here, for various reasons.Some come for work, some come as tourists, some visit for business and a lot of them come here for studies.

Whatever be the reason for our visit to a particular city, the foremost thing we always do is, get our accommodation booked. No one would love the idea of going about looking for hotels with all the luggage in tow with them. Not to mention that if you do so, you would almost certainly be paying much more than what you would have paid had you booked your stay well-in-advance.

Hotels in Bangalore
Hotels in Bangalore

Making a booking for accommodations, in the olden days, used to be a slow and cumbersome process (even if you had a friend or family where you planned to go) but now, the times have changed and have changed for good. Whether you are looking for a budget hotel, a luxury hotel, a bed & breakfast hotel or a complete holiday package, all you need to do is, fire up your favorite browser and seek your best friend Google’s help!!

A simple search for ‘bed and breakfast hotels in Bangalore’ or ‘budget hotels in Bangalore‘ or say, ‘affordable hotels in Bangalore’ will present you with a long list accommodation options and from thereon, all you need to spend enough time in comparing the facilities, the prices, the discounts and offers (if any) and see which gives you best bang for the buck. Of course, you will only do all those mentioned above once you have short-listed the hotels according to the area you want to stay in.

If you are someone who would like to live in a happening area, there’s no point staying in a hotel near the airport. Similarly, if you have to catch a very early morning flight to catch, no point staying in the heart of the city and far from the airport!

Let me give you an idea of what to expect in which part of Bangalore.

If you are someone who would like to experience the happening part of Bangalore and would like to spend in one of the many pubs here, you should be looking for hotels in and around the Mahatma Gandhi road (a.k.a., MG Road) or the brigade road. If you are someone like me, who always want to stay near the best food options :D, there is no better place to stay than Kormangala. That area is an absolute foodie’s paradise!

So, next time you are heading to Bangalore, keep these things in mind before finalizing your stay and I am sure you would not regret!

Happy traveling!!

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4 thoughts on “Choose and book the right hotel in Bangalore”

    1. I second you Namrata!
      Havelock is a gem and I am happy that we chose it as our honeymoon destination.

      Too bad we did not explore it as much as we should have. But, the good thing is, that made us decide to ‘come back for more’, soon! 😉

  1. Hi, I don’t think Bangalore is a great tourist place…ofcourse it maybe because I have been living here…anyway I have never ventured much to Koramangala or Indira Nagar for anything…was content with the weather itself…as a tourist, I would recommend people to visit Bannergatha National Park, that is all… if they like Lalbagh is nice enough… but it is a place to do things rather than site seeing… anyway… if I have an option I would leave Bangalore and settle some where else just tp decongest it, I think it is over populated seriously and this Bangaloru becoming desert slowly and lost whatever flavour it had(: anyway

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