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Honeymoon in Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

After exploring part of Port-Blair yesterday we took our time today in getting-up today morning. Because our ferry was at 1.30 PM and not at 9 AM as we had preferred, we were in no hurry. We managed to leave the hotel by 11 AM. We had not had our breakfast yet so, after dropping the scooter back at the rental shop, we took an auto and headed to the clock tower. That place has some good places to eat and the plan was to have our brunch at the Gagan restaurant about which I have read a lot and then head to the Phoenix Jetty.

This restaurant is right in front of the Clock tower.

Watch Tower Port blair
The clock tower is right in front of Gagan Restaurant

The food was very tasty and wonderfully priced. We ordered more than we could actually eat.

Gagan Restaurant Port Blair
Lunch at Gagan Restaurant

After a very heavy brunch, we headed back to the jetty. It was all very bright and sunny. As there was still sometime left for our ferry, I decided to walk to the nearby ATM and get some more cash. I had just started walking and in a matter of 5 minutes, it became all dark and cloudy and it started to rain. The showers were so heavy, it felt as if its not going to stop anytime soon. I was worried about Ruchi as she was sitting with all the luggage there at the jetty and with no roof over her head. This thought immediately made me head out in the rain and run towards the jetty.

The funny thing here was, after half a minute or so, once I was fully drenched, I started enjoying the feel. So much so that, I stopped running and started to walk instead, with a big grin on my face 🙂 .

This grin still remained on my face even after the wife got very furious on me seeing me all drenched 😛 .

After some more wait, it was  time for us to head towards our ferry, finally!!

Phoenix Jetty
All set to board

The ferry experience was totally new and quiet exciting for us. It became way more exciting when we were informed by the sea-men on board the vessel that, once we leave the jetty, we can go and spend our time on the deck!!

The feeling of floating on the beautiful blue sea is hard to describe. The constant small waves of the sea, the rays of the sun reflecting on the blue waters and out ship moving straight ahead…!!

As we left Port-blair we crossed the light – house on our left hand side, the one whose photo we have on Rs. 20/- notes, as a cost-guard helicopter was constantly flying over the beaches, keeping an eye from the top.

Light house port blair coast guard helicopter andaman
Spot the chopper
port blair to havelock
Beautiful colors of nature

Due to high demand, there was one additional ferry going to Havelock from Port-blair. Just to mention, I was bit skeptical about booking govt. ferries for our voyage and was more inclined towards booking us on  one of the private catamarans, given the experience we have, with other ‘govt’ services but I was pleasantly surprised in this case. I would suggest people to try to book the govt. ferries in Andamans. Too bad they don’t have online booking.

MV Bambooka
Another ferry running parallel to us

In about 2 hours, we were nearing the Havelock jetty. Here’s what it looked like from almost an hour away.

On the way to havelock
That small island on the right is Havelock

Once in Havelock, we were picked up by our Resort’s vehicle, which we reached in about 10 minutes. The place was beautiful and we both loved it as soon as we entered out cottage.

More about Havelock in the next post :).

Havelock Jetty
Finally at Havelock Jetty

Key takeaways:

  • The weather is very unpredictable.
  • Govt. ferries way better than private ones when it comes to enjoying. You don’t get to spend your time on the deck in the private ones.
  • When on the deck, don’t stand near the railing, it might get slippery.
  • Keep in mind that being allowed to go on the deck is a privilege granted by him and not your right!

8 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands”

  1. Hi Rajiv,
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful experience of your Honeymoon with us.
    I really enjoyed a lot your overall experience in the Andaman and Nicobar island and I am also planning my honeymoon in the same destination after reading your experience.
    Wish you all the best for your marriage life.

    1. Thanks a lot..! I have more of it coming up, do keep an eye.
      And in case you have any doubt while planning your trip, don’t hesitate to discuss or ask here 🙂

  2. Hello Rajiv, its really nice and happy to read and see the images of this historical and beautiful place. Really a wonderful place of immense natural beauty and excitement. You both are lucky have explored such beautiful places, actually luck can’t take anyone anywhere, its your passion and determination. Keep it up. Best wishes, always.

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