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Another chapter from my life

The things I have been recently writing about (like A New Life and The wonderful sight of Hope) here are things which I had never ever imagined I would share with anyone, forget about sharing them this publicly!

But now that I have actually shared them, let me keep the thing going and share one more chapter of my life.

The year was 2009 when I had just moved to Bangalore to start my career. Looking forward to taking the plunge and join the ‘oh-so lucrative IT job market’. Even though I was aware of the fact that, for my experience, I was ‘better’ than a lot of others out there (at least when it came to computers) but after coming to Bangalore, there were a lot of other aspects of which, the ‘city dwellers’ were pretty ahead of this small-town boy that was me.

The most significant aspect was the fastness of a BIG city which I had my share of problems coping with and which was significantly affecting my lifestyle here. The food was another aspect which, even though seems to be a small thing, was actually a significant one in the long run.

I was having trouble locating places where I was called for interviews, I was having a problem with the comparatively rude behavior of the people of this BIG city (over the course of all these years, I have learned that this is more or less the same in all the BIG Indian cities). I DON’T say that everyone I faced in this city was rude but talking in general, YES, most of the people I had to come across were rude. Very much unlike my small town, Silchar.

All this had affected me badly and I had become pretty negative about my job hunt. During the same time, Ruchi had her training for her job which she had recently landed in, in Hyderabad.

Seeing me in such negative mental condition, she decided to come to Bangalore from Hyderabad during one of the weekends.

She knew that I was feeling lonely and she wanted and decided to be with me.

Early in the morning, I went to the railway station to receive her and finally seeing her at the station was one of the most beautiful sights I had seen in a long long time.

Once we were finally at my place she sat with me and we talked and talked and talked about random and unrelated things for a long long time. Even though we discussed nothing serious or significant, I had already started feeling the happiness which I had not felt since a long long time after I moved to Bangalore.

Over the weekend she was with me, she filled me with so much of positivity that I became very much upbeat about my upcoming interviews,  forgetting about all the negativity that had been plaguing me until then and it was not too long when I finally managed to secure a job for myself, one the type of which I wanted to.

It was all because of Ruchi, now my dear wife, our togetherness, that I was able to recover from a negative state of mind, look ahead with optimism and finally, successfully take my first step towards success.

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