AXO Knee and Elbow Protectors

After the DSG Nero, the next thing to be purchased was either the Cramster Saddle Bag or Knee Protectors from either AXO or Cramster.

Nothing was decided which one has to be purchased first. I had been doing quiet a bit of research on the avail Knee Protectors in my budget and also have been looking for the available options on eBay. After some discussion, it was decided that it has to be either the one from Cramster or the AXO Knee & Elbow protector. I decided not to get it from eBay as I was not sure about the right size for me.Hence, the only know option for me was Helmet Paradise.

AXO Knee Protectors
AXO Knee Protectors

So, I decided to make the lazy me do some work this weekend instead of wasting it like every other :).

After a late Saturday breakfast, I left home with plans to get at-least two things done (the other thing will be in another post) today.

After wrapping up the first thing, I straightaway headed to Cramster’s Cunningham Road showroom to check out their knee protector. I tried it for some time and actually tried to make myself feel comfortable in it but I could not. This thing is not at all comfortable to put on, very much unlike my MX-3 which, after a couple of day’s riding, started to feel as part of my hand. Anyway, so one thing was decided, the knee protector I am looking for, is definitely not going to be the Cramster’s one. That means, time to check out what AXO had to offer.

So, I headed to Helmet Paradise, the heat literally burning me from inside as well as outside. After almost half an hour, which definitely felt to be much longer than that, I reached my destination. The guy shows me two products from AXO (one of them seemed to have four elbow protectors instead of 2 elbow & 2 knee protectors), the other one was fine.

But, the first impression that I had on taking a closer look was, ‘…WTH!! they look so cheap!!’. I fired a question to the guy, ‘ asli hai?? ‘ he told these are ‘flexible but un-breakable”. I was still NOT convinced so finally made a call to Vikas bhai. After discussing with him, I felt like I can go for these. These are not excellent products but good none the less. The discussion here too helped me decide.

I paid Rs.1300/- (bit higher than what I would have paid on eBay ๐Ÿ™ ), took the Knee Protector and headed home.
In the coming days, I definitely look forward to try it but for mere mortals having a Monday to Friday job, add to that, the burning heat these days, any long ride which will give me a chance to get a feel of it after putting it on for more than a couple of hours isn’t looking very near.

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  1. Now I am jealous of you ๐Ÿ™‚

    It must be a great experiences. Something to cherish for rest of your life ๐Ÿ™‚

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