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Bangalore to Shivasamudram On Bike

The past few months had been very hectic for me and I was feeling very stressed. I knew I needed to freshen-up and what better way to do it than hitting the highway, on two wheels!

Becauseย I was going on a ride after quite some time, I decided to keep it a short one and hence, decided to visited the twin waterfalls at Shivasamudram, the Gaganchukki falls & Bharachukki falls which are not very far from Bangalore.Also, being the monsoon season, it made more sense to visit it a waterfall or waterfalls for that matter!

Photos From My Bangalore To Shivanasamudra on Bike Ride

Distance between Bangalore to Shivasamudra is just around 140 kms so, I was in no hurry and left home only about 8 am in the morning.

NICE road bangalore
The NICE Road

Getting out of the city’s mess was the biggest pain and it took me at-least more than half an hour to get on the highway, if not more. But once I was on the awesome NICE road, all the frustration of the city traffic vanished and I had a BIG grin on my face :-).

One new/strange thing for me was, I had to pay toll charges even though I was on a motorcycle! The NICE road is the first place I have had to pay toll charges when on a bike but, it was worth every penny! The road is awesome to ride/drive. In no time, I reached the exit to Kanakpura road.

Bangalore To Shivasamudra By Bike

The road became narrower but the ride was very pleasant nonetheless. Just before Kanakpura, I was getting pretty hungry and decided to have my breakfast on any road-side dhaba that comes next. Luck was not with me in this aspect and I ended up at a dhaaba, which, even though looked very nice, had almost nothing to eat other than couple of items. Somehow finished whatever I could and resumed my ride. The roads were again awesome and the surroundings, very scenic.

Its one single and very obvious road to Shivasamudram, no chance of getting confused. Once in Shivasamudram, I asked around and finally reached the first water-fall, Gaganchukki!

bangalore to shivasamudram
Somewhere away from the rush
bangalore to shivasamudram
Some more greenery
bangalore to shivasamudram
Beautiful sky, lovely roads
bangalore to shivasamudram
I wish all the roads were like this

I was bit dis-appointed to see it as it did not have as much as I would have loved to see but, the cloudy weather made-up for that. It was a beautiful day. There are no water-activities at Gaganchukki. Its at Bharachukki where water-activities like boating and fishing,etc. can be done. You have couple of view-points at Gaganchukki to see the falls and thats about it here.

gaganachukki waterfall
The Gaganachukki falls

Shivasamudra – Gaganchukki Waterfall

gaganachukki waterfall
Magically cloudy
gaganachukki waterfall
Some more of it

gaganachukki waterfall

church at gaganachukki waterfall
The beautiful Church

An old Church on the way to Gaganchukki – Shivasamudra

One thing I would like to confess, as I did not do any research about the falls whatsoever, I thought that the two streams that I were here were Gaganchukki & Bharachukki !! I came to know how wrong I was only after I had spent more than a couple of hours there.

The ride to Bharachukki was again a nice one with the road passing through small villages. Also, there is an entry fee for vehicles at Bharachukki. I paid Rs.10/- and I guess it is more for 4-wheelers.

Also, to be noted is that, beyond 5 PM (or was it 6 PM) no one is allowed. You have to leave the compound of Bharachukki falls before this closing time.

bangalore to bharachukki
Greenery on the way to Bharachukki

Road To The Bharachukki Waterfalls – Shivasamudra

bangalore to bharachukki

This place was more crowded compared to Gaganchukki, mainly because of the availability of water-activities here I guess.

I spent some time here, clicked some photos and then, started my journey back to bangalore. Somewhere in my confusion, I took the road via Maddur and it was not at all a smart decision. The road was horrible, full of pot-holes. And after that, the traffic of the towns en-route.

Magically green

In and around Bharachukki waterfall

The Bharachukki falls
The Bharachukki falls
The Bharachukki falls
Yet another angle

Reached home after a very satisfying ride at about 8 PM.
And yes, all the stress was gone, for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Do you like waterfalls? Have you been to Shivasamudra yet?

12 thoughts on “Bangalore to Shivasamudram On Bike”

  1. I had visited these two places 6 years back. I loved the falls. I remember seeing many monkeys also. I was not into photographing in those days so I have got limited shots of the visit.

    Your pictures are very good! Thank you!

  2. Oh… nice falls… I visited Jog Falls 2 days back… and dash it is raining, raining and raining… the journey from Bangalore to the Jog falls area is long 7 to 8 hours… well anyway… the falls has medium water now, not so much now, so the front view is not so nice for me…it is all misty mostly and there are only view points, in the main Jog falls area I was not that happy with the view… but it was interesting still with that mountain having trees and streams 5 or more flowing… and could hardly see the brown water down… also that view point always occupied with guy locals… after this we had some fun as we were taken on a boating trip on that Tavankere dam which is actually not authorised, there was no pfds and all…but it was fun raining and windy and ride on the dam that looked like a river, it was surrounded by little trees mountains(:…loved it… then the back view of Jog falls… the route was slushy… but the views were awesome… I could see the water body from where water is falling, and streams here and there… it looked like it had more water than when I saw from the from view… it was full raining as we were going anywhere here(:… but I think your falls look better, only Jog is big height but I am not so happy with the front view… but anyway…good to know about these falls(:… so nice way to beat stress… might google and see how to go there too since it is short trip from Bangalore(:… that Jog area is quite green too and rainy and should be rainy the coming days… if your going there club visiting other places nearby to make the trip worthwhile… but I did not mind the trip, it was rainy tour which got me in spirits…afterall life is how we take it, it is in our hands to view it in a cool way but nothing so great about that Jog falls…can’t even go near it… but I guess, its height and many streams(raja, rani, rocket and something) around a mountain with trees might be something…but I say not a tall so great…anyway.

  3. Jog falls is in much bigger height and more in the surrounding with trees on mountain, different paths of streams etc, mist…looked better that the falls on the photos, have to admit but not much different…

  4. It seems you did the ride of a lifetime.

    Reminds me of my day adventure to Ganga Sagar from Kolkata though I had to take a train…but I was alone and came back around 11pm.

  5. i have a bike and i want to do a long drive. The moment i get my license i will go straight to Tarapith and Birbhum that for sure. unfortunately we don’t have this type of road..

    This post makes me restless. I want to ride.

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