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Ladakh Inner Line Permits Reintroduced

While tourism departments of various states are doing away with or simplifying their process to obtain Inner Line Permits, the LAHDC (Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council) has decided to go one step back. Instead of ‘opening up’ new destinations to visitors, they have decided to go back to the pre-2014 days and have introduced ILP …

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Nagaland Inner Line Permit Guide

nagaland inner line permit guide

While applying for Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Arunachal Pradesh, I had also applied for Nagaland Inner Line Permit as I wanted to visit Mon and Longwa and a little beyond that, during the Aaoling festival before heading to Basar for the Mopin festival this year (more on the festivals festival later). While I had wanted to apply the Arunachal Pradesh …

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Arunachal Pradesh Inner Line Permit Guide

how to apply arunachal pradesh inner line permit guide

Over the last couple of years, more and more Indian tourists have started coming to North East India, an incredibly beautiful part of the country. North East India has something for everyone, be it the adventure-loving and thrill-seeker traveler, be it someone who loves the monsoons and the clouds or be it the someone who wants …

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Malaysia Tourist VISA for Indians

Because the procedure of applying for VISAs differ slightly from one consulate to another in India, even if you are applying for the same country’s VISA, I was slightly confused about How to apply for Malaysian tourist VISA in Bangalore when I started planning the first visit there. Not enough specific information was available online about it. …

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Singapore Tourist VISA in Bangalore – How to apply

Singapore VISA in Bangalore.

Those who know me know that when it comes to planning a trip, I like to do everything myself. The planning, the logistics, and the papers. I have never been a fan of packaged tours. So, when the thought of a small holiday to Singapore crossed my mind, the first question that popped up in my mind was …

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