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Day 1: Delhi to Ludhiana (317 kms)

After having a wonderful time at Anup Sir’s home, Anup Sir dropped me to the NDLS station from where the bike was to be collected. Also Subhadeep, the other rider joins me from here. I had thought that we will be starting from Delhi by 12.30 – 1 PM but were only able to leave by 3 PM because of the time taken for the bike to be delivered and the city traffic mess.

Next important thing was to catch up with Narender bhaiya with whom I really wanted to meet before I start the trip. He was waiting for me, on the way and had come from quite far just to meet me(sorry bhaiya for making you wait for so long). Finally caught up with him at the Mukarba chauk, it was really nice to meet him in person. He gave some valuable tips and suggestions for our ride and then in half an hour, we had to leave.

Just after coming out of the city mess, the sight of the highway was very welcome. At-least riding without any jam would give some respite from the heat. It was already too hot & humid for me. The plan for today initially was to reach Amritsar but as it was already almost 3.30PM by the time we left Delhi so the fact was that, reaching Amritsar before late night was not going to happen. So, night – halt was decided at Ludhiana.

It was almost 4.30 in the evening and we were hungry and were looking for a good dhaba where we can freshen up and then have our late lunch. We halted at this big dhaba on the road-side, somewhere in or around Sonipat and ordered butter-nan, butter-paneer, and rice. When the food came, we realized we had ordered way too much . The food was delicious and we gorged to the brim .

After some 40 minutes there, we started again. There was nothing special about today’s journey but as I was riding through the towns Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal,etc. about which I had only read in my school books until now, a lot of strange thoughts came to my mind. It felt great to realize that I was actually riding through these towns, on a bike. I was feeling something strange inside me. Was it kind of a sense of achievement? I don’t know but what I can tell is, I was smiling from inside and was really enjoying the journey .

Nothing eventful or interesting more in the day and out next stop was at Ludhiana at about 8.45PM. Checked into a hotel for which cost us Rs.1100/- for a double AC room. Opted for having dinner outside. After dinner, retired for the day at about 11PM.

Some photos of the first day:

With Anup Sir, in his *den*
With Anup Sir at his Den

With Narender bhaiya
With Narender bhaiya

Subhadeep and the food

Ready with the Steed
Me with the steed!

17 thoughts on “Day 1: Delhi to Ludhiana (317 kms)”

  1. very nice ….i will keep an eye…
    its really nice to know the detailed description of the journey !!
    and with each photo i wish i were there !!

  2. Seems I am in each scene… hope you would have enjoyed a lot… I assume there should be more photos for each time you stop at place or see something you can share with… πŸ™‚

    – Great day Rajiv, will wait for the next day scenes πŸ™‚

  3. hmmmmm…..! interesting ! so here’s the journey begins….though i m aware of most of the days but still waiting to experience the detailed adventure you go on…..:)

  4. Whoa !!! What a wonderful description bro .. All i cam say is.. Amidst a hectic routine , u have given ur hearty dedication for this trip and 1st day seemed 2 b awessome … Awaiting the coming days summarization with anticipation πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks bhai, I am glad that you liked it. I did some dedication for the preparation of the trip because I did not want anything to go wrong in this, after all it was My Dream Ride.
      Thank God all went well and now, I am Hungry for More!! πŸ™‚

      The second day’s story will come up very soon πŸ™‚

  5. its really nice to read the beginning i.e., the 1st day of your extensive bike trip, its really exciting, in life you will achieve and find many things like name & fame, money, wealth, family etc etc but getting and tasting the very very real and practical experience of any place, people, culture, life etc etc is really a great success, that’s need strong determination & that you have, and you accomplished all the way through the same bike tour, its really unique, daring, exciting, adventurous etc etc, you made it and through your eyes I can also see those places n enjoying with the images you have uploaded in fb. Nowadays any information of anything is very much available via internet services but still I find more authenticity, satisfaction, pleasure, etc etc when someone whom I know very well and can describe by any means… and Rajiv you are doing for that part of our country….where i had lots of interest to visit but couldn’t till today…..

    1. Thanks Mamu, I am really glad that you like the Day 1’s post :). In some aspects, I indeed feel that I am very lucky to have been able to live my dream. Not everybody understands what you have mentioned about the success in life and I always knew you WILL understand exactly the way I feel. I always wanted to experience the daily life, the traditions, the culture, the way of life, etc. of people of far-flung places and I think I have successfully taken the first step towards exploring MORE.

      One thing I had decided about this trip was that, Even if I have to do it Solo, I will do it and I am happy that I stuck to my determination and finally made it.
      Mamu, I am really happy that you are keeping a tab on the updates here and I will try to put as much effort as I can to express it more realistically. And, next year, Lets Ride together!! Yes!! πŸ™‚

      Love You Mamu πŸ™‚

  6. why thanks Mamu, i am really happy with the same and i am also enjoying the same tour, though i have not done the same but i feel like that my eyes were there and experienced the same tour very practically……thats your images and writings, keep it up….Mamu’s love & best wishes are always with you

  7. great……. u guys r just terrific…moreover u hav mentioned the cost whish will ease the estimation of future adventurers..

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