Five incomparable Honeymoon Getaways in the World

Soon after the engagement of a couple, the only thing that keep popping up in their mind is an ideal honeymoon destination, where they are likely to spend the best time of their life. A mammoth of discussion and planning take place to finalize the best locale. Friends, families and relatives keep on teasing the couple by suggesting them different honeymoon gateways. On this planet earth, there are countless places for lovers where they can be alone and spend quality time together. Having been married only few months back, I very much remember how much brain-storming I had to do to finalize our honeymoon destination. Keeping that in mind, I decided to write a blog-post giving a small list of destinations to help others who are in the process of finalizing their honeymoon.

Have a look below:

1.Costa Rica: If you are looking for an adventurous honeymoon location then Costa Rica is the place for you. The flourishing splendor of the place is simply mind-blowing as you have all the essential elements that a couple requires in a honeymoon destination. Equipped with magnificent beaches, audacious dense forests and magnetic natural beauty, the place welcomes all honeymooners with splendid charm. Couples have a lot to explore in Costa Rica, making their honeymoon the most memorable one.

2.France: France is a city of love, history and civilizations. All the newlyweds that like to sway in the world of good culture can make their honeymoon most superlative by visiting France. There are ultimate beaches where you can go and have fun, dazzling parks, historical visitations and a lot of art. France is also the host of canes film festival that takes place in May and couples can enjoy most decisive performances of lifetime. The city of romance is an ultimate honeymoon destination for lovers.

3.Bahamas: Bahamas serves a refreshing eye treat to all its visitors and 7% of the world’s honeymooners visit the island to begin their life. Bahamas actually is a chain of 700 islets. The green water of the sea will simply make you fall in love with it and it also houses many adventurous activities like, snorkeling, underwater diving etc. to name a few. The temperature here remains mild and you can find easy accommodations that can suit any pocket. Ranging from exclusive resorts to ordinary hotel, Bahamas have a place to spend a night for every couple.

4.Mexico: Mexico is considered to be an ideal honeymoon spot for Americans. Being very near to America, most of the foreigners plan a visit to Mexico for their Honeymoon. If you want a place around the beach to relax and are not interested in exploring much, then Mexico is the right option for you. You can find plentiful of exotic resorts or you can add some spice to honeymoon escapade by resting at the beachside huts that offers an elite feel and traditional touch of the households of the place.

5.Tihati: While exploring for honeymoon destinations on net, it is not possible that you have not come across Tihati. It is a concoction of Romance and luxury. Tihati is adjoined to many other exotic islands and allows you to take an overnight trip to those gateways as well. By visiting Tihati, you can add many nearby locales to your trip. It is relatively affordable and you can have a superlative time with the one you love.

So checkout these amazing and delightful destinations and plan for an exotic honeymoon trip to these getaways.

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