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IndiBlogger Meet 2015 – Bangalore

Yesterday started with a pleasant surprise for me. I got an invitation to my first ever IndiBlogger meet, an invite-only event!

Though I have never been to any blogger’s meet yet, people I know have been to IndiBlogger and other blogger meets and hence, I have a little bit of idea about what to expect.

Reading though their posts and seeing images shared by them, I know that IndiBlogger meets are great fun. I hope I get to have some fun too, and meet some like-minded people.

At first, I thought it would have been better had it been on a weekend. But as Yogesh Sarkar says, weekend meets are crowded and not as much fun, so it seems, I am coming to office early this Friday in order to leave early for the meet, which will be taking place at ITC Gardenia, less than 5 kms from my office (the best part).

Looking forward towards a wonderful Friday evening !

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