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Honeymoon in Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Part 3

Yesterday had been a wonderful day for both of us, we got our first glimpse of the magically beautiful under-water world (Scuba diving in Havelock) and the hangover is still there. Today we had the day to ourselves. We decided to explore Havelock on two wheels. After a fantastic brunch, again at Fat Martin’s cafe, we first headed to the famous Radhanagar beach, once awarded the cleanest Asian beach !

The ride from the resort to Radhanagar beach was as usual. green and brilliant!

road to radhanagar beach
Road to Radhanagar surrounded by greenery

After about an hour of so of wonderful ride surrounded by greenery, we finally reached the gate of Radhanagar beach.

the blue waters of Radhanagar beach
The blue waters of Radhanagar beach

After parking the vehicle at the gate, we decided to buy a hat for Ruchi as it was very bright and sunny. In the next shop, I ordered a fresh Pompfret fry and I tell you, it was the most tastiest fish fry I have ever had. I was so busy feasting on it, I actually forgot to take a photo of it. May be the next time 😉 .

After finishing my pomfret fry, we decided to take a stroll along the beach. It was wonderful and equally romantic.

Radhanagar beaach
The birds, the waves and the clouds
Radhanagar beach
An abandoned watch-tower??

Beyond this watch-tower were many trails leading to the mangroves, if I am not wrong which we both wanted to explore but none of us were courageous enough to venture inside 😛 . So, finally we dropped the idea and moved ahead.

After staying at this beautiful beach for quite a few hours, we finally headed back to our resort.

On our way back, we again visited the beautiful Kalapathar beach and spent some quality time there.

Kala-patthar beach
Kala-patthar beach
kalapatthar beach
Magical clouds, magical sea

Finally, after a wonderful day, we headed back to the resort and celebrated our fantastic trip at, don’t be surprised, Fat Matrin’s cafe, again!!

Fat Martin's signature dessert - Hello to the queen
Fat Martin’s signature dessert – Hello to the queen
Fat Martin's cafe
Celebrating a wonderful trip

After a wonderful french breakfast at our resort, we headed to the jetty in the vehicle that was waiting for us.

We reached Port-blair on time and took an auto straight to the airport.

We thought that it would be a small airport with few passengers and we will have our lunch once we have checked-inHowever when we reached the airport, it was the opposite of what we had been expecting!

It was very crowded and we only got to reach the check-in counters after almost half an hour or so.

We somehow got our chance to grab a quick lunch and the took-off on time!

flight over port-blair
Blue waters blue skies

By night, after a long long journey, we were finally at our place in Bangalore. Phew!

8 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Part 3”

  1. So nice and happy to see the lovely places through your lens and off-course concise description too……..thanks for sharing.

  2. A trip to such a beautiful place, where you enjoy scuba diving, good food and wine in the good company of your spouse has to be a memorable one.

  3. Well… looks like you and Ruchi had ruchi(amazing times) together out here. I am surprised with the green stuff out there… I am sure the underwater experience must have been lovely too(: I know it has been a while, let you and wifey(wi-fi) have good journeys together… I am sure it was not just the place that made the trip special, it was not the beach but the presence of the counter part with you made it very nice. Most of cousins prefered Switzerland for honeymoon…I am sure the underwater experience would been great too… which is the cleanest beach in India now?… some people travel to explore, to be with nature, to forget dialy life, to discover yourself, to have fun with friends, family…sometimes togetpgether…reconnect with self then the other and become one and whole…blabbering anyway(:…

    1. Thanks Maria! It was indeed a wonderful trip and the views under the water were amazing as well! For underwater pics & videos, checkout the post about scuba diving!

      Cleanest beach? To be honest, I don’t really know but all the beaches I saw in the Andamans were clean & well-kept!

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