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The meaning of happiness!!


THE one thing which everybody out there, all of us, wants to be blessed with.


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Happiness has a different meaning for different people and everyone, in his or her own rightful way, tries to work towards the path which he or she thinks, will lead to his or her happiness.

For the less fortunate, happiness is being able to earn three square meals a day to feed himself and his or her family whereas, for someone who is more fortunate to not have to bother to fill his stomach, happiness might mean something completely different, far from the worries of having to feed oneself.

For all of us, the meaning of happiness changes as we move ahead in life. The things that might have made us happy when we were a kid might not mean the same to us today. The things that make us happy today would have seemed meaningless back then!

Okay, let me put in a different way..!

Riding ‘that’ old cycle when you were a child, even though its one pedal was missing, could have been a happiness then but that doesn’t stand true today. You might have spent hours and hours riding it, in sun and in rain, having great fun, finding happiness in it, but that is not the case anymore!!

Getting a good fat salary, owning a car and your own house would have been of almost no value to the child you back then!

Getting my point? Good!

Okay so everybody knows that the definition changes with time, what is so significant about that? What is the point I am trying to make?

The point I am trying to make is…

It is very much natural that the definition of happiness changes with time and there is nothing bad in it. But what actually happens with most of us, if not all is that, with time, in this very fast-moving life, we confuse real happiness with materialistic gains! We fail to prioritize things that really matter and instead run after these materialistic attractions!

In this aspect, I find myself lucky to have understood before it was too late for me. I have seen many running behind fake happiness and realizing their mistake only when they cannot go back in time and change it.

Nobody can be immune to the fake & unreal attractions of life and neither am I but learning from other’s mistakes helped me keep a balance between the real happiness and the materialistic things that we need and get attracted to in my life.

Of course getting that latest mobile phone or getting the fastest bike I can afford, or getting that lens I have been wanting to buy since long makes me happy but, all these come nowhere near to the real happiness which I feel when I am at home, with my family. When I am doing stupid things with my young siblings. There is nothing, for me, as fulfilling as sitting with my wonderful wife doing nothing. Taking a walk on a beach, holding her hands.

And, last but not the least, the happiness that comes to me from traveling, visiting new places is second to none to me!

So, what are the things that make you happy?

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    1. Thanks Jay!
      I am lucky to have learned from the mistakes of others.
      Always keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings, they teach you the most important lessons of life.

  1. I like your thoughts and expression about happiness, yeah, I agree with you which is specific from many angles and directions.

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