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Land of Fire & Ice – Iceland

Everyone who enjoys travelling, seeing and exploring new places has that one place which (s)he dreams of visiting at-least once in their lifetime. Being someone who dreams about travelling the world day in and day out, I am no different and have my own set of dream-destinations.

Among these, the destination that sits on top is Iceland. For most of the very few with whom I had shared my this wish (until now) the obvious question has been, either, Where on earth is Iceland?? or those who at-least knew where Iceland was, Why Iceland!!!???

Magical colors of Iceland
Magical colors of Iceland

The answer to the first question has and will always be the same so let me answer the second question in the way I feel about Iceland.

Nothing fascinates me more than snow and snow-covered mountains. Actually, just about anything as long as it is covered in a sheet of white-gold (read snow). There is something about mountains and snow that makes me very excited yet very calm from inside, both at the same time.

lone church iceland
Lone church

This love affair started during my first visit to the mighty Himalayas almost a decade back and after my tryst with the magical Ladakh, the love has only multiplied.

For anyone who feels anything close to what I have tried to say in the lines above, Iceland, the land where fire meets ice, is the ultimate place to be.

Ten Gorgeous Photos of Iceland

Fire and Ice iceland
Fire and Ice

Iceland is stunningly beautiful. Desolate, sometimes eerie yet magical, Iceland is full of surprises.

hot water streams iceland
Fire and ice

Of the many things one can do in this magical land, the things excite me most are, exploring the country on my own, driving through almost empty roads and with hardly any vehicles around.

iceland road trip
Magically beautiful roads

Take the roads not frequented by many, frozen and magically beautiful.

Frozen roads iceland winters
Frozen roads

Take the roads that lead to remote yet stunningly beautiful villages, explore and spend time there doing nothing. Getting lost in the beauty of the place. Finding myself.

Vik iceland
The southernmost village of Iceland – Vik

Spend time watching the hot geysers. Stop by the many beautiful waterfalls spread across the country. Sit and relax around beautiful and quaint little villages.

waterfalls iceland
One of the many waterfalls

Walking on (and inside) huge glaciers that lay all over Iceland.

glacier walk iceland
Huge glacier

Because it is very close to the Arctic circle, the lengths of days and nights change significantly with the change in seasons. But the best part is not the 20 hour-long nights of the wintry December or the midnight sun of the summer. Rather to me, it’s the magical phenomenon aurora borealis (or the Northern lights) which are generally seen in the winters.

Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis

What is your dream destination, some place you really want to visit and experience?

Photo Credits: Abhinav Sah

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    1. Thanks maniparna, it’s one of those places which have been will leave you surprisingly spell-bound at every turn 🙂
      Glad that you liked it. 🙂

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