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Hues of dusk – Nandi hills

There will be hardly anyone who has lived in Bangalore for more than a few months and has not paid at-least one visit to the famous Nandi hill, the most-visited place in and around the garden-city. So much so that it has actually become a cliché now. I myself have visited nandi hill more than a couple of times over the five years or so I have been living here but the reason for my visits has been slightly different from that of others who visit it, at-least most of them.

nandi hills fort gate
The entry gate of the fort

Reason behind my visits to this hill-fort, in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka has always been the ride involved to reach there.

nandi hill road
Straight smooth roads

Be it a pre-dawn ride in the dark with the cool breeze blowing on your face, making the ride even more pleasant or be it a ride during a bright and sunny day, allowing you to see the greenery spread on both sides of the twisting road as you ascend to the top, the ride has always been very relaxing for me, every time.

nandi hills hair pin bend
One of the twisties as you ascend

As you get-off the highway and head towards nandidurg (another name of nandi hills), the scenery starts to change fast. The BIG, six-lane highway and its fast-moving vehicles give way to a two-lane but much more beautiful road with greenery on both sides and much less traffic.

As you get closer to the hill and then start to ascend, taking the narrow twisting road to the top, the view gets better. Be it an abandoned temple by the side of the road or the abundant greenery around, everything adds to the beauty of the place.

temple nandi hills
An abandoned building on the way up

The view of the valleys below covered with a thin layer of haze that makes it even more beautiful, will make you stop more often than you would expect. Stop just to soak-in the beauty around, and below 😉 .

View from above nandi hill
View from above

The beautiful winding road keeps you involved until you reach the top and are blessed with even more beautiful views than those which had kept you company until now.

nandi hills top view
See the straight road down there?

I have always been a fan of evenings. Seeing the sun going down, the night taking over, that is something I have always enjoyed back home. Sunsets are always beautiful in the north-eastern part of the country (a beautiful sunset).

After moving here in this big city, full of multi storied buildings, I have hardly ‘witnessed’ a beautiful sunset.

sunset in Meghalaya
A sunset somewhere in Meghalaya

The view of the setting sun from the nandi hill is however different from that of the city.

sunset nandi hills
The setting sun

You can just sit and relax here and witness the magical colors of the sun as it gives its way to the night.

sunset at nandi hills
The golden ball

As darkness sets in and the lights come up, the roads with fast-moving vehicles below, the small and large towns at a distance seem to become more lively than they had been under the bright sun, all day long.

nandi hills at night
The road below
Chikkaballapur at night
Chikkaballapur at night

Which is your favorite place to witness the setting sun in and around bangalore, or may be anywhere?

7 thoughts on “Hues of dusk – Nandi hills”

  1. Actually not been a original Bangalurian so not visited the place so much, also not a bike rider… but of what visits I made here which was twice, more than the ride enjoyed the views and the monkeys out there… It is a beautiful place to relax, now they have roof resting places and what is interesting is the absolute stillness of the place…like the area seems endless especially that fort area from where one can get good views, bird’s eye view of sounroundings… it is nice place and I know cycle forks and motor bike guys love coming here… only thing is it is getting polluted thesedays I have heard… anyway… Bangaluru may not have a beach but it has this hill which is better than beaches(:…there is so much scope for exploration, adventure and relaxation…

    1. This is exactly the type of place my soul loves to be in… greenery… no cacophony… stillness… but sadly that’s not the case anymore at Nandi hills. Plus the local kids on their bikes are no less then stupid losers!

      Agreed Maria, with more and more bikers.. most of the places are getting crowded and yes… polluted as well 🙁

      And btw, not an original Bangalorean here either 😉

      Do keep connected. You might want to ‘Like’ the Facebook page or may be even, subscribe in order to get any future posts straight in your inbox 🙂


  2. hmmm… yes Bangalore is such a place we all fall in love with…
    yes… Nandi Hills is too crowed and I see only couples and youngsters coming along mostly, they occupy all the resting places as well(:…the monkeys are calmer though… I also like Nandi hills, it is green and refreshing, great veiws, walks, and a place to eat as well… bangalureans are lucky they have this abode that is reachable to them…I hope it stays nice with greenery years later… yes I have heard this city had lakes and birds and such good good stuff(: it has gone… anyway

  3. “Hello Rajiv,
    Nandi hill is one of the best places to visit when in Bangalore. Your blog elaborates on how it is perfect weekend getaway for every IT guy here. I really like the way you have captured the details of your experiences in you blog. It is a great read. “

    1. Hi Cyrus,

      Its really great to hear that you like the presentation. Thank you :).
      Nandi hill is a great place to hang around in the weekends but sadly, with each passing day it is becoming more and more crowded. I don’t find the charm there which I used to during my initial years in the city.

      Keep connected Cyrus.


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