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Yet another action-packed IndiMeet

IndiMeets to me has always been all about meeting amazing like-minded people for me. Every meet for me has been a new experience in one way or the other. I have met (and become friends with) fellow bloggers so the one that was this weekend was no different either. What was a little different this time however was the fact that unlike other IndiMeets (of-course except the Fun in Goa with the all new Tiago) which are generally held within closed doors, this was an outdoor meet, one that was in a luxurious resort located away from the cacophony of the city.

MangoMist Resort Bangalore
Venue of the meet, MangoMist Resort Bangalore

The only tough part for me about this meet was getting – up early on a Saturday morning. Having said that, I very well was aware of the fact that the pain was worth it. So yeah, I never let second thoughts pop-up about not moving out of the bed.

indiblogger bus
All aboard the IndiBus

The formal starting point for the group, luckily for me, was right next to my office so that saved me from riding all the way to the resort in this heat. The couple of IndiBuses that were at the pick-up point to take us to the resort (and later bring us back) were full by the scheduled departure time. See, nobody wants to miss an IndiMeet!

MangoMist Resort Bangalore
My Team, MangoMist Resort Bangalore

All thanks to the bakar with the fellow bloggers, I found myself alighting the bus at the gates of MangoMist sooner than I had expected to. Flipkart, the sponsors for this meet, had brought few of the brands that sell exciting stuff on their website this time. Sony and Polaroid had come with their action cameras while Red Chief had brought with them biodegradable shoes to show us. Sony and Garmin had come with their versions of fitness monitors and smart watches.

Smart-watches by Garmin indiblogger
Smart-watches by Garmin

However, among all this the stall that really captured my attention was the one that Altec Lansing had put up. These guys had come with some amazingly powerful wireless speakers and head-phones. More than their head-phones, it was the set of high-quality speakers, water-proof et al, that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Speakers from Altec Lansing water-proof
Water-proof speakers from Altec Lansing

It was not before all the demo of the various products and everybody got themselves busy with the activities that were available. I had my share of fun and so did the others and before we could realize it was almost time to head back to the IndiBuses. But of-course, not before one final bit of fun 😉 .

Paint Ball, MangoMist Resort - Bangalore
Our Team for Paint Ball, MangoMist Resort – Bangalore

With all the bakar with the new friends I made, the journey back to the drop-off point was equally fun if not more that what we had the entire day.

Yet another fantastic meet!!

PS.- Special thanks to Freya for the early-morning wake-up call. Also, thanks to Madhumita, Salma, Ajay, Ankit, Shrinidhi, Sneha, Rekha & Reema for the wonderful company.

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