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Off-roading fun with the new Land Rover

We were supposed to meet the last month but few things came in between and we couldn’t. As they say, things happen only when they are supposed to! When our proposed meeting did not materialize the last time, I, by no chance had expected another meeting happening so soon. However, serendipity works in strange ways! Within less than a month of …

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Yet another action-packed IndiMeet

IndiMeets to me has always been all about meeting amazing like-minded people for me. Every meet for me has been a new experience in one way or the other. I have met (and become friends with) fellow bloggers so the one that was this weekend was no different either. What was a little different this time …

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Open Streets – Bangalore

Tired and sleepy after an action packed yesterday (more on that coming-up here), I was lazing around on my bed with a book in my hands. Just then, between dozing and flipping the pages of Scion of Ikshvaku, an update on my Facebook timeline caught my attention. Colorful flags and balloons and hordes of people walking lazily. A closer …

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