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Ladakh On Bike – A Dream Come True

At times, it seems it was just yesterday when I decided to ride to Ladakh, across the Mighty Himalayas, on two wheels and now when I look back, I see, its been close to three long years during which, a lot have changed in my life.

When I think about this dream of mine, the one of riding to Ladakh on a bike, I see the resolve has not changed at all. Each day of these past 3 years have been used to prepare for this dream, in whatever small way it might have been.

Somewhere in the Moreh Plains, Ladakh
Somewhere in the Moreh Plains, Ladakh

Today, after these 3 long years, as I type this, I am hours away from that Moment when I actually go and Live my dream, the dream that have been very much alive all these months and years.

In less than 24 hours, I am going to start my journey to Ladakh. Everything is packed & ready and I can’t wait to head out!

All I am feeling now is, ‘Is it happening for real?? Am I dreaming?? ‘!!

I am not able to put my feelings to words but I am sure you will understand 🙂 .

Here I come Ladakh!!

4 thoughts on “Ladakh On Bike – A Dream Come True”

  1. Great to hear that you are going to realized you long pending dream of riding to the roof of the world called Ladakh….
    Dont restrict yourself with itinerary,enjoy the blissful ride on that heavenly roads of Ladakh.You will be luckiest few to ride on those roads….

    1. Thanks a lot bhaiya, for everything. To be very honest, without your help, tips and suggestions, this trip would not have been the way it went.

      I reached home just sometime back, talk to you soon :).

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