Cramster Colt Saddlebag

With less than 18 days left for the ride of My Life and lot of things yet to be done (purchased), I was really getting worried if I will be able to get everything done before time. The couple of weeks (read weekends) which I have are the only days that I have FOR ME to get the left things done. The weekdays and part of the next weekend is already allotted to something else ๐Ÿ™ .


Cramster Colt Saddlebag
Cramster Colt Saddlebag

Ok, so among the things that were yet to be purchased, one of the most important things was the Saddle-bag. I decided to get it done today anyhow and so, after lunch, I headed to the Cramster outlet which is in Cunningham road, here in Bangalore.

I wanted to purchase the Stallion saddle-bag instead of Colt because of the more space it provided but I was not sure if it would fit bikes with up-swept exhaust (mine being one). On asking the seller, it was confirmed that the Stallion won’t fit my bike and hence, Cramster Colt it was.

The price has slightly increased from the previous version and now it costs Rs.2,300/- instead of Rs.2,100/-. Made the payment and headed for my bike to see how it looks in it’s place. It was a perfect fit and I must say that the Cramster guys have designed this bag keeping a lot of things in mind. For a perfect fit, the Colt has strips at the right places and also, what I felt is, the bag will sit perfect when fully loaded.

Speaking about the space it provides, it seemed enough for me if you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff with you. The bag also has side pockets which can be used to carry water bottles. One more thing I liked in it was, on both sides, it has straps on the covers which will be definitely useful in carrying my Tripod :).

There’s nothing new to talk about the material, it very much looks pretty ruf-n-tuf and is water-resistant.

4 thoughts on “Cramster Colt Saddlebag”

  1. Were you carrying your bike and its parts in the bag or something?… if its just for packing bike then why pockets for keeping tripod and watter bottle stuff?… wow let me ask you just simpily this preparation was less hectic than marriage preparation right, obviously yes…goodday

    1. Yes, I did carry some basic tools and stuff plus my clothes and everything in this bag. When you are traveling to a land as desolate as Ladakh, some preparation is required ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. But your very lazy, and heat up like atoms or molecules (they become fast when heated) in the last minute(: … I thought you packed the whole bike in the bag, it sounded like a misunderstanding, it was parts perhapes. Looks like you go to Himalayas once a year atleast, lovely and lucky!!!…

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