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Hampta Pass – A trek to the Himalayas

“Things happen only when they are destined to!”

Nothing could have been more true when it came to my first trek to the Himalayas. It was something I had wanted to do since quite a while but was not able to, something or the other always pushed it back until, the previous week.

Chikka day 1 camp hampta pass
The stream the fog and the camps – Chikka

One Week Hampta Pass Trek from Manali

That week, I finally managed to push everything else behind and start for my first trek in the Himalayas. I left finally to trek on Hampta pass on 13th last and returned late last night. Though a small trek when compared to what I intend to do in the coming months, it was a fantastic experience nonetheless.

Meadows on the way to Chikka Hampta Pass
Meadows on the way to Chikka camp

There’s a lot of work to be done before I actually start sharing my experiences in a meaningful way but let me be honest and tell you that it’s very difficult to wait until I am done with processing the photos and stuff and not write about and share at least a small glimpse of this wonderful trip until then!

Colorful flowers on the way to Balu ka Ghera
Colorful flowers on the way to Balu ka Ghera

In this comparatively short trek of four and a half days, we came across almost all sorts of terrain one can expect. Be it lush green meadows, steep snow-laden ascents or rocky descents, we experienced it all!

Final ascent to Hampta pass
The final ascent to Hampta pass

Snow-day in Hampta Pass Trekking

Leaving behind the mountains have never been easy for me and this time as well, it was no different. By the time we came down from the mountains, I for sure was a slightly different person (more on this in the upcoming posts), this happens to me every time I go to the mountains. Every time, the mighty Himalayas pull me a step closer to them.

Spiti Valley as seen from above
The Spiti Valley as seen from above

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Have you trekked in the Himalayas? Are you planning your first trek in the mountains?

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37 thoughts on “Hampta Pass – A trek to the Himalayas”

  1. Wow…Rajiv so that’s where you have been last week?… I wish I could say it’s a achievement this Himalanyan trek, but we know everyone does it thesedays, but I know it is significant because it changed you as a person(: rather brought a different side of you… well nice photos I know you were excited to share something on this and this this prelude to your journey… you said you were going to Dudh Sagar in some comment, but this is nice trek too…

  2. Woah! super fast update.
    Lovely images to begin with… You have started a teaser post 🙂
    I am hooked to this story, will be interesting to read how to both did it.
    Keep it coming bro!

    1. Yes Ankur bhai, this is indeed more of a ‘teaser’ post 🙂

      The best part of the trek was, Ruchi did way better than me…:)

      Not that I did not do bad though 😉

    1. It is very much possible, in fact there was a group who were on sort of a picnic there. But dada, the entire stretch is green, kaha kaha nahi jaoge 😉

      1. I would like to set base camp there and roam around nearby.. Shades of green is more interesting than white/grey snow :p

  3. Hello !!
    Nice Blog nice pictures.
    Hampta Pass Trek is the best place for trekking. Trekking in Himalaya is always lifetime experience. The scenic landscape changes its nature gradually offering a visual delight to the trekkers. The horizon is filled with the infinities of the sky and a unique tranquility surrounds the atmosphere. You can hear the sound of the wind and feel the true power of nature which is otherwise lost in a hustling city life. All you feel at that moment is completely ‘humbled’ in front of Mother Nature.

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