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Street Food Scene In Munnar

Before I went to Munnar, I thought Munnar was all about tea plantations and mountains. Sure there are lakes and waterfalls too but what I had never expected was, a street food culture in Munnar. For someone like me who loves to eat, it was a super pleasant surprise. Our road trip from Bangalore to Munnar was a family trip with kids and elders so there was a certain plan to follow, unlike I generally prefer to travel. Of all the things to do in Munnar and places to visit, dinner at the street food stalls at the Post Office road was one of our must do things in Munnar. And what a wonderful decision it turned out to be.

Street Food In Munnar

Before sundown, the Post office (where all the action happens) looks like any other street of an Indian hill-station but things start changing once the sun is down and the streets light up. Kitchens on wheels start lining-up and the place starts overflowing with the aroma of a thousand different spices. The aromas pull hungry hogs from every direction and you find the place is bustling in no time, quite literally. Exactly the kind of place I like to be in the evenings ;-).

Streetfood in Munnar, Kerala
Street food in Munnar, Kerala

Now when you say street food to me what comes to my mind was sweet and tangy chats, samosas, panipuris etc. so I did not feel very happy not seeing any of them there. Instead what I saw was idiyappam, rice fried in hundred different combinations and of as many colours and other similar stuff. I was expecting something light to be honest.

But things quickly changed as I started digging in my first plate of rice fried the local with meat, eggs and what not. It was delightful! I remember spending more than a couple of hours there, going from one food stall to another and eating my fill at each one of them.

Idiyappam at Munnar, Kerala
Idiyappam at Munnar, Kerala

Apart from eating, the whole experience of being there was quite fun and satisfying. By the time we were fully done there, each one of us had more than we generally have for dinner and each one of us had a big grin on our face. Definitely one of my best street food experiences!

Where was the best food that you ever had?

4 thoughts on “Street Food Scene In Munnar”

  1. Quite interesting! 🙂 The husband and I love street food, so this is a place to watch out for, for us, surely.
    We’ve never had a chance to visit Munnar yet, sadly. We’ll make sure we go to this street to check out the food, whenever we visit.

    1. You should you should. Even I had not visited Munnar until it was my last week or so In Bangalore. I hope you visit it soon, it will be fantastic in another few weeks.

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