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The smarter way of buying and selling Quikr NXT!

Everything that we like or love in your lives change. Whether we accept it or not, change is the only thing in this world that is constant!

There are things in our lives which we love and then there are things which we love a bit more . A personal vehicle, in my point of view, is one of those things which most of us ‘love a bit more’ there are a lot of memories related with it. So when it comes to move ‘up’ in terms of your vehicle, in other words, when it comes to selling your current vehicle and upgrading your personal vehicle to a bigger and better one, the least you want to do is make sure that your beloved vehicle goes to someone who would take good care of it and at-least try to keep, maintain and love it the way you do.

But then, the irritating aspect (at-least in my point of view) in order to ensure that your car goes to the ‘right’ person also means to meet a lot of interested people which in turn, means sharing your contact number with a lot of people and taking a lot of calls!! And not everybody you meet would be a serious buyer. There are people who are out there in the ‘market’ just to survey the prices of vehicles they would want to buy albeit, some weeks or months down the line.

I am not saying its bad but for someone who is expecting a genuine buyer and is out there looking for the right person to whom he would like to sell his vehicle, it is nonetheless a frustrating experience which he would love to avoid if he has ANY chance of differentiating between a serious and a non-serious buyer.

And that is one of the main reasons, not everyone likes to share there contact number in public domain. But then, what do you do when you have to get in touch with prospective buyers and not share your number in public?

Well, there’s a fantastic way out from none other than our old and trusted Quikr.com, know as Quikr NXT (available for Android, iPhone and Windows phones) !!

The best thing about using Quikr NXT is, you ‘chat’ with prospective buyers and not have to talk to them over the phone, until you want. Quikr being a very popular and user-friendly place for people interested in selling or buying just about anything, you are bound to get a lot of responses for your ad. Once you have discussed about the price and other aspects of your car you want to sell, including sharing any details the prospective buyer(s) would want to know about, over chat using Quikr NXT, you will easily be in a position to identify ‘serious’ buyers and short-list them from the unwanted ones.

Ones you have short-listed your prospective buyers, you can then safely share your contact number with them to take the deal forward.

This power to not share your details until you want to makes the whole experience of selling and buying, very smooth and hassle-free. So, next time you are looking to sell or buy anything to or from the right person, you know where to head to!

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