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Dochula Tshechu – The Festival of Bhutanese Soldiers

Dochula Tshechu

The previous post about Thimphu Tshechu was loved by many. So, I went ahead and requested Sherab Tenzin for yet another story and he did not disappoint. So here it is. If you travel Bhutan in winter, and especially sometimes at the start of the second week of December, you’ll get an opportunity to attend …

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Walking The Qutub Complex

The most imposing structure of the Qutub complex in Delhi’s Mehrauli area, the Qutub Minar stands tall at close to 250 feet above the ground. Its height, overshadowing any other structure that’s around it, makes sure you spot it from miles away. Qutub Minar is one of the must-see places in Delhi. But now that …

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Living With The Locals In Ziro Valley

Sitting by the fireplace in the centrally located kitchen, and sipping from a glass full of apong, the local brew, I watch Dogindo running around with a made-up sad face. He wants to play a little more and does not want to eat now but his mother, my host’s wife, would have none of it …

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One week Itinerary For Singapore-Malaysia Trip

Singapore and Malaysia make for ideal international getaways from India for multiple reasons. While Singapore is a glitzy place with tall buildings and high-rises, Malaysia, much like India is a mix of ancient and modern. Both places have a lot to offer and are best visited together, on a week to a ten-day-long holiday. More so when …

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Weekend Drive To Hajo – Hayagriva Madhava Temple

One of the interesting places to visit near Guwahati and a must visit place near Guwahati if you are someone who enjoys exploring historical sites. The beautiful drive from the Garurachal hills, where we visited Powa Mecca, the historical mosque which is also the tomb of Pir Giasuddin Auliya, the pioneer of Islam in this …

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