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A Slice Of Heaven Called Sangti

Sangti Valley how to reach

The trail we were on was slippery, the sky overcast with dark monsoon clouds hovering overhead and a roaring pahaadi river below that was nothing less than scary. It was a tricky situation to drive in and to be honest, we were on our toes all through the forty minutes or so of the drive. One small mistake and we would have found ourselves tumbling down towards the roaring Dirang river below. Thankfully, that did not happen and we safely made it to Sangti valley.

sangti valley dirang
The Crazy Dirang River – Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh

And barely a minute there and we were in awe of the place.

Places to visit in Dirang and around

The Sangti valley, thankfully, has been off the tourist circuit as of now. Among the other places to visit in Dirang and around, Sangti valley mostly never makes to the list. That was one of the primary reason we wanted to head there. Also, to be honest, the Sangti valley doesn’t have much to see for the quintessential tourist. It will charm only the people who enjoy nothingness and peace. No hotels in Sangti valley either, neither many places to stay in Sangti. Just a homestay or two. I just hope it remains that way, for as long as it can.

Sangti Valley – A Charming Paradise

The charm of traveling during the monsoons, with all its uncertainties and landslides, is something which cannot be compared to any other season. Everything looks at its freshest best, everything looks so much alive. Sangti too, looked the same.

tribal Monpa village sangti valley
Monpa Village of Sangti Valley

While the best time to visit Sangti valley is around October and November, June too, to me, is delightful. Flat paddy fields by the river below, dark monsoon clouds hanging above. All of it did its bit to make the scenery gorgeous.

Beauty of Sangti Valley
Lost In The Beauty of Sangti Valley – Photo by Kaushik Saikia

Quaint Monpa Village of Sangti

As we moved ahead, colorful Buddhist prayer flags tied on tall bamboo poles, lining both sides of the only road there welcomed us. The small Monpa village seemed almost deserted save for a couple of old ladies who sat idly by their beautiful houses, scrolling their prayer mantra beads. The rest of the lot were out working in their fields, by the river below the village.

photo of sangti valley dirang
Lost In The Beauty of Sangti Valley – Photo by Kaushik Saikia

We first decided to follow the narrow road until the end of the village before coming back to explore the village, on foot. That, however, was not to be, thanks to the heavens that decided to open up. But more on that, later.

sangti valley by road
Lost In The Beauty of Sangti Valley – Photo by Kaushik Saikia

The deeper we went, the more glorious the place started to look. Sadly, you can go only as much if you are not on foot. The ‘road’ gives way to a trail barely half a kilometer from the village, which snakes up in the hills to the villages. To reach the villages, the only way is to walk. Something we were not eager to do, especially when the drizzle outside was heavy.

Sangti Valley, Dirang
The Gorgeous Sangti Valley, Dirang
sangti valley arunachal pradesh
Some more gorgeousness, Sangthi Valley

Sangti Valley Photos – The beauty of Sangti Valley is Indescribable

That, however, did not stop us from stopping in the middle of nowhere and gawking at the beauty all around us. I would be lying if I say I did not feel like not going back, more than once. Sangti does this to you.

sangti valley village
Buddhist Prayer Flags – Sangti Valley
Monpa tribes of sangti valley
Memorials Raised In Memory of Departed Souls of The Valley

We explored the village on foot when the drizzle stopped for a little while, trying to savor each moment before the evening gave away to the night. I know I am repeating myself but, the beauty of Sangti is indeed second to none. So much so that I was really in a fix about whether to write about it or not. Hardly any (Indian) tourists visit Sangti and that is something I would love to see it that way. Because accept it or not, Indian tourists, in general, are one of the most irresponsible ones with absolutely no concern for a place and its people.

people of sangti valley
Villagers walking back Home – Sangti Valley

I only decided to write about Sangti (in generous moderation) because for most desi tourists the ‘cost’ (the journey) of reaching Sangti will not be worth it. I hope it remains that way.

How To Reach Sangti Valley?

For those who genuinely appreciate nature and don’t travel just for ticking places off your list, this is how you reach Sangti:

  • From Bomdila, take the road that goes to Dirang/Tawang.
  • Just outside Dirang town, take the road that goes down towards the river, on the right.
  • Cross the bridge and then follow the only road until you reach Sangti.

Visit only if you can appreciate and respect the place and people.

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  1. This is great! The quality of writing coupled with a great choice of topic is what makes this article awesome. Kudos!

  2. I was actually searching for Sangti valley while planning a trip and this blog shows up.How effortlessly you have described the place and you are right, some people will not find this worth visiting as there are no typical so called tourist places or sights..Only a true nature admirer will find the actual value of being in such a scenic place.
    Thank you so much

    1. Hey Monikarna,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words.

      I am glad that you connected with the post 🙂


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