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Tawang In Winters – A Road-Trip

Tawang roadtrip in winters

I have been to Tawang many times and in almost every season. The drive to Tawang is beautiful and for me, that alone is reason enough to drive to this lovely little town. So, it was only natural for me to pay a visit up there when the mountains leading to Tawang are covered with snow. This time around, I was joined by the wifey and a cousin brother who has come down for his post-matric vacations.

guwagati kalatang tawang road
The Beautiful Guwahati – Kalaktang Road

We started early, at around 5 or so. The new Guwahati-Kalaktang-Dirang road, even though new and in much better shape, does take a lot of time, thanks to its comparatively steep inclines as compared to the Bhalukpong route. The gorgeous views only add to the time taken.

Guwahati To Tawang via Kalatang

Thanks to the almost no traffic on this road and the smooth tarmac, it is an absolute joy to drive. There are a couple of small Tibetan villages on this route where one can have authentic Tibetan food. We stopped for lunch at one such place. When the food came, we realized we had ordered more than we can actually have!

guyto monastery tenzin gaon
Gyuto Monastery, Tenzin Gaon

Guwahati Tawang Road in Winters

We got our first glimpse of snow a couple of kilometers before the mighty Sela Pass, on day 2 of our journey. Last night we had stayed in one of my homestay partner’s beautiful homestay in Dirang. We had a wonderful stay there and since Dirang to Tawang is not as long and time-consuming as Guwahati to Dirang, we chose to start at leisure.

winters snow sela pass tawang
Blue-bird at Sela Pass
winters snow sela pass tawang
As we left the Sela Pass
Snowed out sela pass in winters
Gorgeousness all around the Sela Pass

Sela Pass under snow in Winters – White Gold All Around

The main reason for this trip was, snow! So, when we finally came across the first of the trip, we almost went crazy. To add to the excitement, out of nowhere, a snowfall started. That made driving even tougher but I was perfectly fine with it, as long as the snowfall continued. By the time we reached Sela, it was all white. And it was cold. Surprisingly, after more than a decade, I felt the effect of AMS which, to be honest, freaked me out a little. Being the only one who knows how to drive, I did not want to risk it so, left the pass after a quick Maggi and some laal-cha.

sela pass snow
Gorgeousness all around
Tawang winter drive from Guwahati
Happy us at Sela Pass

There were few tough stretches on the way and I was kind of worried if my low GC vehicle would make through these stretches without getting stuck. And thankfully we did, only to stop many more times to take in the vistas before reaching the small town of Jang for lunch. And then, to visit the Nuranang waterfall.

Nuranang Waterfall or Jang Waterfall – The Mighty One

After spending a good amount of time at the Jang falls and below it and going click crazy, we were still not ready to leave. But it had started to get dark and we had a long way to go. So, we started for Tawang again.

The Gorgeous Nuranang Waterfall
The Gorgeous Nuranang Waterfall

We spent a good few days on Tawang (more on that later) before starting our return journey to the boring plains. But not before spending some crazy time at the frozen Sela again. The Sela lake was at its most gorgeous ever, with just a very small part of it still unfrozen.

snow at Sela Pass in winters
The Frozen Sela Lake

Now that the winters are on their way again, I cannot help but feel excited to take this road again. This time, however, I plan to leave the car behind and pick the bike. It’s been a while I had been on something I can really call a ride,

Do you like snow? What’s your favorite winter destination?

23 thoughts on “Tawang In Winters – A Road-Trip”

  1. These pictures are so lively and how can someone not love ice all around. From always winters give me those good vibes which I can’t get from anywhere else.

  2. Hi Rajiv,

    I want to visit Tawang in the second half of December? Will there be snowfall around this time.

    Also, I am applying for ILP online. Which all districts should mention in the ILP? Also what should be the local reference?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Snowfall, in all probability yes.

      You should select TAWANG if you wish to visit the Tawang circuit, while applying online ILP for Arunachal Pradesh.

      The local reference is the contact of someone back home. This answer has been answered multiple times here on this blogpost and the comments. Please go through the same.

      Have a great trip.

  3. I enjoyed reading this informative article. All the pictures are awesome. I have kept Tawang in my bucket list and will be covered by next year. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep writing and keep informing.

  4. Great post. Found lots of relevant information regarding Tawang. snaps are really very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Rajiv, Great you gather the courage to give corporate life. Really nice and pics and travelogue.

    We are planning for the Guw-Tawang trip 24-30 Dec, can you help whether Sela Pass would be open during that time.


    1. Hi Ravi,

      The Sela might be off and on in the winters. But even if it closes, almmost always, it opens within a few hours.

      How are you travelling but?

      In case you wish to get professional help in planning and executing your trip to Tawang during the winters, feel free to get in touch with my company North East Explorers here -


  6. I would be arriving on Guwhati on 30th december. I was wondering if anyone else might be going to tawang on 30/31st. I want to join.

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