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Top things to do in Los Cabos, Mexico

Just like so many Latin American, South American and Central American countries and of course Russia, Mexico had been one of those countries which had stoked a strange sort of curiosity, always. While I don’t see myself visiting Mexico anytime in the near future, that did not spend some time to find out about the top things to do in Los Cabos. And of course gawking at the photos of the gorgeous beaches of Los Cabos. So let me share with you, my findings here, for those who are looking forward to head that way.


Top things to do in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos or Cabo, comprises of the two resort cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo in addition to all the hotels and fun places that are situated in the corridor between them. Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo today is gaining in popularity as one of the fastest tourist destination in the whole of Mexico.

Both the cities are equally frequented by vacationers and thrill-seekers alike hence Los Cabos vacation rentals are quite popular. While Jose del Cabo offers a little quieter experience, the traditional Mexican authenticity of the place attracts its fair share of tourists. Cabo San Lucas is rather a lively party hotspot and therefore is visited by more people for the atmosphere and the beaches. As the locals usually say, one is wild and the other is mild.

The two cities are approximately 20 miles apart and are well connected by local buses and taxis. Whether you opt for the rowdy Cabo San Lucas or the tranquillity of Jose del Cabo, chances are you will enjoy the taste of both. Los Cabos is a paradise for water sports lovers with excellent facilities available. Big game sport fishing, golf and the innumerable well serviced spas are a feature of all the popular resorts.

Cabo San Lucas is known for:

1) Fishing

The world class fishing infrastructure available here is mainly responsible for the popularity of the place. Visiting anglers throng the place to participate in the various tournaments organized in the summer and autumn season.

2) El Arco

El Arco is a stunning granite like formation situated at the point where the Sea of Cortes flows into the Pacific Ocean. This protective barrier forms a natural arch at this juncture, thereby giving it the name El Arco. It is said that this arch served as an important navigational aid to the Spanish Mariners during the early trade period.

3) Beaches

Golden sands, excellent snorkeling opportunities, and picturesque vistas make the ‘playas’ or beaches of Cabo San Lucas a haven for the adventurous sort of tourist. Other popular tourist spots here are Lovers and Divorce beaches, and the corridor stars like Santa Maria and Chileno.

4) Golf

With stunning seaside venues, challenging courses and layouts from some great golfing legends, have made this place the most premier golf destination in Mexico. Names like Palmilla etc have constantly attracted top-flight golfers to these top 100 best courses in the world.

5) Spas

With all kinds of therapies ranging from treatment by the rich waters of the Sea of Cortes to the rays of the moon as it waxes and wanes, these world-class spas are a prime attraction for both men and women. The celebrated massages and spa care facilities here have made their name in Cabo San Lucas.

San Jose del Cabo is known for:

1) Dining out

Unlike it more celebrated neighbour, San Jose del Cabo boasts of a far superior eating out scene. The famous cuisine of Baja has been redefined by the talented chefs of the new generation. With local hideouts like Habanero’s, Bakery and the French Riviera Restaurant, the fine dining experience on offer here is cast its mark on the culinary landscape.

2) Party

While the nightlife may be a little rowdier in the Capes neighborhood area, there are some excellent late night out options in San Jose. Local club names like Deckman’s and Zippers on the beach are standouts of the party scene here.

The Baja Brewing Company is the only microbrewery in the area where visitors can taste an excellent array of craft beers and treasured wines.

3) Accommodation

Exclusive resorts and luxurious lodgings dot the Hotel Beach area of San Jose del Cabo. These lodges offer great views of the Sea of Cortes and are extremely popular with tourists.

The city also has many boutique hotels and good value guest houses with beach access.The high-end Barcelo Palace Deluxe is considered to be a lush place to stay, as is Casa Natalia and Cabo Surf Hotel.

4) Shopping

Since San Jose del Cabo is considered to be the Old City, the place is extremely rich in the arts and crafts of Mexico. The Plaza Artesanos is renowned for a large number of vendors housed there, selling excellent homemade products like bags, blankets and other products made by the leading artisans of the country.

The high-end shopping mall of Las Tiendas de Palmilla is the most exclusive luxury outlet here, selling everything from art to antiques.

5) Sightseeing

The zip line tours offered by Canopy Costa Azul Extreme provide scary thrills and great scenes of the area. For nature lovers and birdwatchers, the trek along the Wildlife Estuary provides a good opportunity to view the flora and fauna of the region.

Another excellent way to introduce visitors to the numerous art galleries is by way of the ever popular Thursday Art Walk, which even takes vacationers to places of natural beauty.

The good news about visiting Los Cabos is one can experience a bit of both the cities. In terms òf attractions and things to do in this Baja California Sur, the beaches, landscape and weather here are seen to be believed. The proximity to the sea makes Los Cabos a perfect base from where to experience the great outdoors of Mexico.

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